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  • maybe it was just some kind of portable hand cannon :P. Although that's basically a Bazooka. Ah if only Link would have borrowed it, I dont think Ganondorf would have been so tough then :D.
    and two months late Anglekid doth come in with Congratulations! :D. Your posts were always epic and the point about there being a Bazooka in TP really does prove alot :P. I swear you gotta be the only one who noticed that.
    Yes the fifty character limit is evil...truly it could only be a match for...I
    (that being) ARKVOODLE!
    Congratulations on making it to Hylian Knight status! i saw it on the shoutbox, keep it up! (this now destroys 50 character limit)
    You don't know me what I on the Shoutbox it said Congrats basemnt24 has become a Hylian Knight (Or something like that)
    So I though I'd be a nice person and say
    hey great job man! its cool to see someone around here gettin mad props sooo..... once again keep it up. I've always enjoyed ur posts because u seem to put a little something extra in em. well that all for now pce dude
    Sorry I'm a bit late, but congratulations on your purple-promotion! I think almost everyone was unanimous on your promotion, and I certainly think you deserved it. :D
    I came here to be super original and say what you have heard all day long =D

    Hahah, seriously, congrats, mate, I am pretty sure you really deserved it.
    Congrats dude!
    I'm glad you got this promotion, your posts always seem very competent, well thought out and helpful :)
    Quick, before the day is over, let me say congrats on your well deserved promotion.

    You were clearly the best choice this month.
    Yep. The purple color is awesome. Let us all HK's take over the World! coughforumscough with our awesome purple color!
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