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  • Well, I play an MMORPG called Guild Wars, every once in a while I'll replay Resident Evil 4 for the PS2, and I also play through pretty much every Zelda game in existence ^.^
    I'm really thinking about getting another 360 or a PS3 because I'm addicted to Call of Duty even though I hate it so much.
    I'm just a regular Zelda fanboy, no change at all xD
    Hrm...I won't be able to play on XBL for a long time. My Xbox360 was broken recently and I don't think I'll repair it for what it did to my Resident Evil 5 and Call of Duty:Black Ops discs.
    I know this'll come off as creepy, but POKE. Sorry, it's a habit I have on gaming forums.
    I don't think i will because my pocket is empty at the time. i might get it a couple days after release though. I have this wierd cupon that gives me like, 9 dollars off on OoT =)
    I just have a couple old DS games so far ( I never had a DS. these were cheap!!) but I plan on getting pilotwings! Is that game any good?
    Shieldcake! Thanks

    Yea we are both Aquarii, Aquaresees? Whatever the plural is on that.
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