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  • Regular end of year exams. Only these are in my chosen subjects, and are a pain in ze behind. I only have two left though. 2 weeks, 2 exams, and then summer! :)
    It brought back a few memories seeing a few older ZD members returning. :P
    I've been good. I'm a little down at the minute due to tests...etc. But they'll all be over soon. I can't wait for summer!
    Oh, that's cool. Although I don't come here as often as I used to. I'm busier than ever with college and everything.
    Ha... that's good to hear. :) I tought you had left this forum forever.
    Well, it's cool to know that you're still here. See you later then!
    ...Is there somehing wrong? It's been days since you haven't come here... D:
    I'm 16. It's written in my posts. But I'll be 17 on October 30th, just before Halloween. :D
    Hi! What's up? What games are you playing now? Me I'm doing Metroid Prime on the Gamecube for now. :)

    I'm wondering. How old are you? (If you don't mind) >.>
    Yeah. I've come back. DL the easiest boss? :huh: lol, you must be joking... He is not the easiest boss... All the bosses, except maybe Thunderbird, are way easier than him....
    Oh... Never minds. You found Thunderbird harder than Dark Link? :huh: That's strange... Me I always found Dark Link tougher.... Now that I have fought Thunderbird so much times, when I fight him again, I know by heart where he spits the little fireballs. :P

    Sorry if it took long to answer! :)
    You completed AOL? Good! :D Did you find Dark Link hard? Or any other things?
    The released date is this: August 6th 2009 Japan. There are no date for other release.

    And I think I already said to you that I'm from Quebec. And yeah, french is my first language.
    So? I saw there will be a Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland 2. Do you know when it will come out? And will it be only released in Japan?
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