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  • Thanks. By arguing, I didn't mean anything offensive at all, just, like you said: ''clash of opinions'' (We don't seem to both agreed on the same thing!!!)

    Anyway, you should check the new replica I made in the ''epona'' thread.

    Me, I have to go to bed. It's getting late. Yes, I'm new, but I've already posted many things. I'm sure you saw some of them! And I'm not like the one who subsribe on a site one day and then never shows up my face again. Some people....do that.

    So, goodnight! See you tomorrrow! (or the day after!)
    Hello angelkid! I know we argued a lot, but do you want to be my friend? I saw that you were checking my threads I made out.
    I'm a big Batman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and James Bond fan as well, although I only really draw Batman and Star Wars for some reason. I really need to draw more Zelda, but I just haven't got around to it. I can't explain it, it really makes no sense! :)
    Thanks! I often go looking for my URL or my name to see what people are doing with my work. Sometimes people will come to me and say "Hey, I think this is yours". There's odd things like someone won a pumpkin carving contest in another country based on a picture I drew, but they credited me on it, and someone who was there saw it and contacted me. I sell me private stuff sometimes, but otherwise I'm a graphic designer, so I draw for a living. It's hard to draw for fun sometimes when you're drawing all day for work though!
    Thank you! It's done by hand at first, then scanned and I finish them in Photoshop or Illustrator. Nah, that Russian mag got away with it, but from then on I marked anythign I did that I put online so I'd get credit even if it was unintentional. I even marked my avatars since I found my old Zant one being used on Facebook. I screencaptured that myself. May not be my own art, but I made the graphic. I'm paranoid like that. :P
    Yup, that'd be me. I slap my watermark on all pictures now because I had people taking them and using them for themselves, so I got a little paranoid. I ended up having a CLone Trooper drawing on the cover of some Russian Entertainment Weekly magazine without my knowledge, so now it's all stamped. :P
    Check out my SSBB Battle Arena Thread. It's in General Gaming
    LOL! That's awesome! Telephones I guess we can all accept since no one seems to notice. As long as Link doesn't pull out a cell phone and begin texting Navi for quest advice, then we'll be okay.
    Thanks for the message! LOL! Yeah, I thought it was pretty common knowledge, but many people just don't want to believe in the bazooka! :P
    they say da da da da like when link gets an item or something lol
    You're avatar is funny. Link: 'OMG!!!! MICHAEL JACKSON IS HERE!!! SING THRILLER!!!!!!!'
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