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Hylian Hobbit
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  • I'm just hoping it will be an improvement from A Thousand Suns. By the looks of BURN IT DOWN, it probably will be.
    Happy Birthday Hylian Hobbit, made some Zelda Cake!

    Happu Birthday Mistah Hobbits. :) Maybe you'll come online to celebrate! ^-^

    Anyway, I did have some cake for you...but it sort of vanished...in my mouth. Heh heh...

    Anyway, have a great day ;)
    Happy birthday Hylian Hobbit. I hope all of The Shire came to your Hobbit Hole to celebrate this grand occasion, for now you are 18, and are free to journey the world on your own quest! See the elves, get piss drunk with the dwarves (oh, wait, not until you're 21) and go drop a ring in a volcano! :)
    Overall it is not that bad a job. Just every single Friday is busy like it's the last shopping day before Christmas. And they close at midnight.
    Oh I know, it's hard to get any kind of job. It took me a while when I first moved to Atlanta. Right now I'm still at Blockbuster. Nothing really amazing but it does leave me a lot of free time to waste on ZD during the day.
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