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  • Haha, your quite the artist. How do you always find out when people have used your art? I'm sure you weren't a regular reader of that russian magazine lol. Do you make money from selling your art?
    Epic drawing skills! Is it all done by hand? Hah now I know your real name :P. They are really good drawings man. Manage to sue that russian magazine? :P
    Hello Basement, how have you been lately?
    Ashei has a Bazooka in TP! It's just a shame that more people don't realise!
    They reject the fact of modern weapons in Zelda!
    I looked up the episode names on North Castle, and while "The Potion of Power" can be found in its entirety on YouTube, "Once Upon a Time Machine" is nowhere to be found - which is odd. Such a scenario, I think people would be jumping to make fun of it.
    Check out my SSBB Battle Areana thread. It's in general gaming
    Ha I seriously doubt it, especially given the fact that the games were faulty. They had the option to save, but when you tried to load them up again, there just wouldnt be a saved game lol.
    Ha, well to be fair I don't think hardly anyone has played these. They are illegal rip-offs. My friend bought them back when he went to Australia, apparently he bought it off some market stall lol.
    Yeah lol. I'm looking toward those fake old Pokemon games Jade and Diamond. Did you ever play those? You could give your Pokemon machine guns, and when you got into a battle you could phone the Pokemon you had made friends with and they'd come help you lol.
    Pfffff who cares if there is a Bazooka in TP, that's old news. :P.
    There's multiple telephones in Link's Awakening! Lol even if it is a dream world.
    Yeah, that's what I did with OoT. I replayed it about 5 or 6 years after I first did, and it was almost as fantastic as the first time. The only major think I could remember when I replayed it was Shiek was Zelda just masquerading as a Ninja.
    Ha, I never noticed that.

    I really need to replay that game, but the problem is that I played through it my first time only a year ago, and playing it a year later is much too soon.
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