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  • I'm a bit too late but......

    gefeliciteerd met je promotie and welcome to our awesome moderator club :D

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or the other mods ^^
    Congrats on becoming moderator, basement! :)

    I'll have to get used to seeing your name in orange now. :D
    Congratulations Basement on becoming a Moderator!
    Wow...everyone's being promoted so fast these days!
    Anyway, Congrats and good luck!
    Congrats on the Mod position Basement, As you've probably seen, I was expecting that...:)

    Do well my son...:lol:
    Congratulations on being the newest moderator! You deserved it more than anyone else, and I'm glad you were chosen. You'll do a great job.
    Wow, thank you! It's a pleasure being here and getting a chance to discuss some of these things with you and other members! You all make such great, well-thought out posts as well, which is a huge improvement from ZU, my old Zelda forum! ^^
    Thanks a lot. I appreciate all of the feedback you have given me in the past few months. What game will I work on next? I have decided, but for now it's a secret. ;)
    hey basement i figured out which temple was on the map on your first4figures statue
    P.S. if you already knew this then sorry to bother you
    ooT forest temple:
    Thanks basement. The biggest one to go was World of Zelda, which was already gone by the time I started to move them. So it sucks that I couldn't get that one but at the same time we still have like half a forum left. Heck yesterday, more members logged on than ever before. So that's a good sign that I think that the forums will bounce back quickly.
    Ah okay. I guess that's why you don't indulge in all the fan art and such. I was suprised not to see any Zelda up on your site. It seemed far more star wars central. Big star wars fan?
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