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  • Hey Wolfy! It has been soo long since I have been on here! I Hope I get to talk with you (on here lol) soon! Have a great summer/ week/ weekend! =-D
    Just wanted to say what a great poster you've been even in your short time here so far. It's nice to see well thought out posts!
    I have to say I'm very impressed with your posts in the Ganondorf TP thread. Recently, most of our new members haven't been the best of members, so it's nice to see someone come and finally break the trend. Please, keep it up. We really need more posts like yours here. =)
    Nice avatar (................................................)
    I am currently the team leader in a snack company as i told. I fill the check lists, you know food companies need to fill some HACCP points, it's must be clean and clear. I watch over my people, i write their worktime in the computer and all. I need to fill the orders, i must count everything and write it down in the computer, it's really fatal to make a mistake. If there are any problems around in the company i'll must fix them all, specially for the broken machines and other stuff. All the snacks must LIKE a snack, i remember a day with really bad snacks and i didn't accept to sell that piece of crap. Everything right into the bin. :P
    Sounds a lazy job.. but some days are getting annoying. :xd:
    It's only stupid we are losing sell's during the recession, it will always end up closing the company.

    What job do you want? xD
    Thnxies! ^^
    No i will never get mad, so long people are using credits i will accept my artwork in forums sets. :P

    Yeah i don't sport or something, i have to run enough on my work. At home, people are just lazy like a doggie. :P
    *Send snacks*

    You don't see the SB? Hmm i thought you need some posts first or you are silenced. I don't know how the rules work in the SB. We'll see, if you don't see it about a few days ask a admin or mod.
    Yeah about ZU, i don't like the way it is, maybe it is that new skin. But i don't go there anymore.

    We have every stupid taxis rules.. you must pay taxis about everything... even for wearing a hat is the newest stupid rule. We are not able to ask money for a home till your age is 23. If you lost your job and owns a house or have more than 3000 you don't get money... Selling your house is the first what people have to do here. School till your 18th and much more crap.
    But Europe is in overall very cool yes, but i wish i was some American peep. :xd: I need to go to America as vacation or something.

    Yeah i was also 15 or 16 with the first meeting. I was so scared and all in the beginning, but my parents let me go to the meeting :xd: Now it's normal for us, but being 20 is not everything. I still live with my mother and 2 bothers.
    Sometimes procrastinating is good, but i always liked to do it with homework and all. :P

    Hmm i need to go.. really. *look at the time* 4:12Am o_O Bed..bed...beeed :xd:
    Also i have my artwork uploaded on Photobucket if you ever interest, i send you tomorrow if you want. I go to get some sleep. Goodnight for you when it's time. :)
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