Soldier Construct I

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Soldier Construct I are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom. They appear on the Surface as well as up in the Sky Islands.

Tears of the Kingdom

Soldier Constructs I are the base variation of the Soldier Constructs, and are the first enemy that Link encounters in the game after awaking on the Great Sky Island. They are mechanical enemies that hover just above the ground. They can be seen with a red glare coming out of their eyes, looking out for nearby intruders.

They are often found wielding unfused wooden sticks, Old Wooden Bows or Old Wooden Shields, and drop these on death. Like its stronger iterations, it will attack either with a one-handed weapon, a two-handed weapon or a spear in an easily telegraphable way, making a noise each time before instigating the attack. On defeat, they they will drop a Soldier Construct Horn, which can be attached to one of Link's weapons to increase its attack power, and a Zonai Charge.

While Soldier Constructs I will battle with Link, they will also battle other enemies, such as Chuchu if they draw near.


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