Flaxel's Squad

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Flaxel's Squad, also known as Squad Three, is a squad in the Monster-Control Crew led by Flaxel, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Flaexel's Squad participates in two missions, including Bring Peace to Faron! and Bring Peace to Hebra!.

Bring Peace to Faron!

Main article: Bring Peace to Faron!

Flaxel's Squad is first found to the West of Harfin Valley along the Menoat River. The quest is Bring Peace to Faron!


You have to fix the bridge to the pirate's ship before you can attack with the squad. After you defeat the pirates the squad can be found in Hebra.

Bring Peace to Hebra!

Main article: Bring Peace to Hebra!

The squad can be found Southwest of the Snowfield Stable. The quest is Bring Peace to Hebra!