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Deon is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Deon can be found sitting on a bed in the Emergency Shelter beneath Lookout Landing. He encourages Link to stay and take a nap in a Bed. He tells Link to check out a different bed, away from Nappin, who is constantly talking during his sleep.[1][2][3] Deon mentions that Nappin is feeling really sick after investigating the Chasms in Hyrule. He mentions that Josha, despite her young age, has been quite remarkable in leading the investigation into the chasms.[4]

Deon can later be found at the cooking area. He says that the former cook, Burmano, went to the Dining Hall at Hyrule Castle in search of a super-special recipe and never came back.[5][6][7] Deon is now endlessly watching the fire under the pot to make sure it doesn't go out.



  1. "Link, Right? You really are that Link guy, aren't you? I heard folks talking about you, and your face matches the one on the poster. Oh, sorry. You wanted a bed, yeah? You can go ahead and take whatever empty bed you like. Nappin's sleep talking is particularly audible here, so you probably want a bed a little farther from him. His physical condition has been deteriorating ever since he investigated one of the chasms... That's despite how long he's been back, which has been quite a while. He still hasn't made much of a recovery." — Deon, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "If you're going to use a bed, feel free to use the empty one over there. It's far enough from Nappin, in theory, so you won't be constantly annoyed by his sleep talking. He zonked out after an investigation into the chasms." — Deon, Tears of the Kingdom
  3. "All the resources here are free for use, so don't be shy." — Deon, Tears of the Kingdom
  4. "The Upheaval created massive openings across the land known as chasms. In fact, there's one nearby just beneath Hyrule Castle and nother to the south of Lookout Landing. But if you go plumbing those Depths, you'll come across plenty of gloom... You touch that stuff, and your health will take a turn for the worse. Anyway, there's a young girl named Josha who's been heading up investigations into the chasms. Despite her age, she's been leading the charge-pretty remarkable, if you ask me." — Deon, Tears of the Kingdom
  5. "Oh, when I say Hyrule Castle, I don't mean somewhere dangerous like the chasm near there or anything. Specifically, he went to Hyrule Castle's dining hall. Some folks investigating the chasms told him about some super-special recipe in the dining hall, so he left—just like that. Well, he wouldn't do anything risky, so I'm not too worried about him. Still, he's sure taking his time coming back, so I guess I am a little worried..." — Deon, Tears of the Kingdom
  6. "I mean, he's not the sort to take wild risks, but I will say that place isn't without its dangers. Eh, he'll probably be fine?" — Deon, Tears of the Kingdom
  7. "Link, you've got to hear me out. Burmano—the guy in charge of cooking—went to Hyrule Castle and NEVER came back. Thanks to him, I'm stuck here on fire duty. Maybe forever." — Deon, Tears of the Kingdom