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Big City or Small Town?


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Oct 8, 2011
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Hello guys.

I was just wondering if you guys would prefer to live in a big city (over 100,000 people) or a small town.
I am from Kentucky and I’ve lived in the country most of my life. For about the last 3 years I’ve lived in a small town (17,000 people). But I’ve been traveling a lot lately and have visited quite a few big cities and I’ve loved every minute of it.
Kentucky has two big cities; Lexington and Louisville and I’ve been to them several times. I have also been to Atlanta, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, and New York.

I must say that although I’ve spent most of my life in rural areas, I would love to live in a big city. I love the atmosphere (the skyscrapers, the architecture, the volume of traffic and people, the stores and restaurants, etc)

I’m not sure if I would want to live in NYC though. It’s a little overwhelming.

There is just so much to do in a big city, and I like to do things :)

So, what about you guys? Where do you live? Do you prefer the quiet sleepiness of a small town or the busy craziness of a big city?

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Dec 21, 2011
I live in the middle of nowhere with pretty much nothing do to my whole high school life. The closest thing to something we can do around here is just go to partys and drink alcohol which gets old quick. Would it kill someone to make a bowling alley?

I've never actually been to a big city before but I think I'd like it. I'm always looking for something to do trying to make my life less boring and big citys like NYC I think would feed that craving well. Can't make a real decision though until I actually visit one.


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Sep 19, 2011
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Honestly, it wouldn't matter to me as long as it's a decent place to live; I can adapt to things pretty well and I'm pretty indifferent towards my surroundings. Being in a city would probably be more exciting and have more things to do but living in a small town would most likely be safer and give me more open space.

Red Waffles

I wouldn't want to live in a huge city but neither in a tiny town less than 10,000. I've been to NYC and it's too crowded for my taste. Somewhere in NY but more towards the country part would be perfect.
Aug 25, 2011
I grew up in a little village with only about 750 people... needless to say everyone knew each other.. We had a little Castle on a little hill (mainly used as a make-out point for the local teens).. it was very quaint..

Now I live in a city with about 70,000 people... not really a big city, but big enough... I too have been to NY and other really big cities.. they don't bug me at all .. I wouldn't want to live in them because I would hate the long commutes to get places....


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Dec 19, 2011
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I don't like a big city or a small town. I like the average population to be around 40,000 - 50,000. That way the traffic isn't too crazy, but it's a big enough city to satisfiy all the needs I need for buildings, resturants, etc.


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Jan 29, 2012
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Small towns are good. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. But of course, you have to move to one of those big cities to get a better education. *sigh*
Sep 1, 2010
I live in a very small town of about 15,000. I like it, and I have a lot of friends here, but there's just not much to do. I visited New York City last summer and I loved it! I'm not sure if I could live my whole life there, but it would be a ton of fun to be there for a few years.


Jul 15, 2009

I mean, I live in a fairly small town now, and the Uni I've picked is a campus, bordered by small towns. I could've picked one in a big city, but I don't think I'm savvy enough (at least, not yet) to be able to handle living in a big city alone (and also the fact you can barely see the stars in cities, what with all the light pollution >:
But... I have been to big cities, and they do have a certain lure about them. They're extensive and dangerous and busy and dirty and that makes them both exciting and kind of terrifying. They're a bit of a double-edged sword... though I guess in some ways, small towns are as well- the pace tends to be a little slower, which can be both comforting and start to get old after a while. I get kinda restless if I've been in one place for too long... but I guess I don't feel that as much in a city.

Eh... I guess I'll stick to smaller towns for now, at least until I end up in a city again. Cities are a bit like my relatives' houses... they're pretty neat to visit and cool to sleep over at, but I wouldn't want to say there forever xD
As someone who has always lived in the suburbs of Chicago, one of the world's largest cities, I am extremely biased in this regard and simply will not content myself with the countryside. The city is where I would be.

Cities provide more opportunities for advancement than do small towns in rural areas. There exist greater education and job opportunities. Even in less developed areas such as New Jersey, the importance of urbanization is clearly underscores. It's no joke that most emigrating to New Jersey go there for Princeton above all. Cities also tend to have more expansive medical and police services though this is natural for there are more sick and criminals the larger a population is. Also, from a personal standpoint, living in an isolated place would be very unnerving for any minor sound could be perceived as a threat. But then again, the same could be said of the city, which as aforementioned, obviously has more criminals among a larger population. The main allure of the city for me therefore is the sense of security and community as well as the grandeur in architecture and opportunity.

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Nov 1, 2011
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I live in Tampa suburbia (complete with disgusting manicured lawn and too many flamingo decoraitions) so I know how both sorta feel. As someone who does TONS of traveling I know exactly how it is in both locations. Rural is too quiet an relatively slow for my taste. Probably cause I'm used to the city. So I'd say a city but not a huge city. Something like NYC is a bit too big for me but I'd try it. Mostly Tampa is fine cause we got some nice city places. I'd go with an apartment (thought I live in a house). I think that as long as it had some water near by I'd feel at home. I guess that's me cause I'm from Florida and I love the beach. Also our downtown district has LOTS to do. Parks, Libraries, bookstores, game stores, and TONS of food.

Now one thing that does interest me is that from about Orlando, FL, south it's suddenly like the North-East region which means that I'd do with south Florida or New England I guess. Hope this gave some insight but really I'm just ranting.


Jun 22, 2011
Small town for me because I don't like being around lots of people and I don't really get bored. I get my introversion from my parents- they moved to a farm and one of the major perks they saw was that there weren't any neighbors.


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Mar 11, 2011
Amsterdam, NY
Small town- Meh hate annoying people. Small town=less people that could be annoying. Besides, if I live in a small town, and everyone knew my business, I wouldn't have to explain things about my life over and over and over again.

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