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  • Ayy boss! A while ago you told me about the dungeon design in A Link to the Past, so I finally went ahead with a Let's Play series to explore it more.
    I made sure to give you credit in the comments section.
    Thanks again!
    I didn't consider what you said earlier about the electoral college inherently giving certain states more value than others as well. In this case, the swing states. I appreciate the point.

    But I am curious, do you buy into the argument that popular vote would encourage mob rule as the Founding Fathers feared?
    Were you gone for awhile? I feel like I used to see a lot of your posts and haven't in a while. Anyway, regardless! Good to see you around and I hope you're having a fine weekend.
    Yes I was away from the forums for most of this year and started slowly coming back over the summer. Enjoy the rest of your weekend too.
    Whoa, i didnt even notice you were purple till' now!

    Congrats! you deserved it! you are a great poster!
    Those challenges you listed are quite interesting. I'll have to try some of them some time. Thanks for the ideas.
    Master's sounds like a good thing to get; it might open up the job market a bit further :)
    I'm doing pretty well, being 16 and all I can't easily get a job since there are people who actually have experience with this sorta stuff...but I'm trying! High school and video games and trying to get a job is all that concerns me at the moment.
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