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Favorite Zelda Games:
1. Ocarina of Time 2. Majora's Mask 3. Tears of the Kingdom 4. Breath of the Wild 5. Wind Waker 6. Twilight Princess 7. A Link Between Worlds 8. A Link to the Past 9. Link's Awakening 10. Skyward Sword 11. Phantom Hourglass 12. Legend of Zelda 13. Minish Cap 14. Spirit Tracks 15. Oracle of Ages 16. Adventure of Link 17. Oracle of Seasons

Favorite Dungeons:
1. Water Temple (OOT) 2. Sandship (SS) 3. Snowpeak Ruins (TP) 4. Stone Tower Temple (MM) 5. Hyrule Castle (TP) 6. Forest Temple (OOT) 7. Spirit Temple (OOT) 8. Lakebed Temple (TP) 9. Temple of Droplets (MC) 10. Eagle’s Tower (LA) 11. Temple of Time (TP) 12. Sky Keep (SS) 13. Snowhead Temple (MM) 14. Ancient Cistern (SS) 15. Lanayru Mining Facility (SS)
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