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  • It wouldn't make me mad; you have just the right qualities for a moderator in my opinion. How're things going? Done with college studies yet?
    Hey there. I've always deemed you to be one of the most knowledgeable users on this site in regards to Zelda. Have you played all of the games in the franchise?

    I also appreciate that you take the time to write thorough replies rather than clog the threads up with spam.
    Thanks. Yeah, regarding my avatar, I thought I'd go the simple route this time. My profile picture has only changed three times, though, and I've always stuck to this [lone] wolf thing. My first profile pic was a wolf howling at the moon, and my second one was pretty much the same; just a different wolf howling at the moon. My current profile pic has been the same for a very long time, since the fourth month of my time here; I've only edited it once, and it has remained the same since. Oh, except for the one time I changed it as an April Fool's joke. lol Whoops, pardon my rambling... :sweat:

    But yeah, I really think you should consider getting an avatar and profile pic, even if it's simple. Sometimes simple is better. :yes:
    If you download it and find it can't run it with whatever else you regularly do at the same time, it could always be a memory problem (easily solvable by buying more RAM). Start > Right Click "Computer" > Properties and find RAM/System Memory. I'd say any computer more than extremely basic (meaning more than 456 MB RAM) should be able to handle it fine.
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