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  • Xenoblade is going ... lol it's going. I kinda realized why I quit playing RPGs in the first place but it is still fun. I just hate and I mean HATE the boss battles but it is probably because I avoid combat 99% of the time lol so I have been making the game soo much harder on myself being a low level n all. Anyways how are you doing?
    Hey there. It's OK, I have been watching lots of movies lately. Very fun. In fact, I'm watching the new Total Recall with my sister and Dad later. How's Xenoblade going?
    That's completely fine, my internet gets screwy too. Actually, it loses connection more often then we'd like... I hate it (:dry:), but I learn to live with it. Time Warner Cable can't be perfect.. By the way, do you have any complete songs/lyrics, I'd be happy to critique :) (Being a music lover and such :zelda:)
    Haha, two of my friends love Silent Hill, I'm not very much into some of the games they like, but that's just OK. Any luck with that amp? :/
    I'm working on a story (actually based on a dream, coincidentally) called "The Archway" and plan to release a sample of it by the new year. It's of sci-fi/fantasy genre, I don't want to tell too much (already told some friends a little about it). I'll make a blog when I make the sample download available :)
    Good, I had a strange dream, real freaky. I have to go work on a story in a bit, I miss playing Wii Sports Resort like I have been, but since we moved it to the living room the sensor bar is giving me trouble >.< If we buy a new one we should buy a wireless.
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