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  • You like WW the best too!?!?! WIND WAKER=THE BEST VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME!!!

    ......in my books
    Yeah, I saw you too, but I moved Europe so I was actually up really late and the only reason I was on was because I was listening to Frankenstein and playing at the same time. I might see you if you get on in the afternoons.
    My favorites are Docks Outpost and Archives. I used to hate the sewers as well because my TV screen was too dark. If you up the contrast and brightness it really gives you an edge. I started using the Wiimote andNuchuck layout as I need some of the sniper and Shotgun acolades. I used it to beat the main game but found the Classic Controller easy as it doesn't stop working if you point to far off the screen.
    im level 21 going on 22 (only 6000 xp left!lol) im not that great any way though when can you play then what is your name on there?
    whats your fc on goldeneye heres mine 137692886017 my name is the same-majorasmagic
    p.s. can you tell me how friend codes work
    I am still staying with some friends, so I can play Goldeneye after 9:30 'cause that's when the younger kids go to bed. What controller do you use? I perfer the Classic controller pro.
    Yeah, he was, I will be on a lot tody(Sunday) but I will be staying with a friend for a few days and hia parnets don't want us playing T rated games with his younger sibling. you did a great job, I hope we can play agin sometime.
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