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  • oh of course
    that one is one of my favorites :P

    we always need more skype friends
    i don't bite (usually) c:
    Yikes no pressure there haha. That must be tough, but that also means you must be pretty good! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do great. Just give it your all and don't give up and everything will be fine. I'm not like expertly good at soccer, but I've been doing it for 3 years now and even though I know I'm not a pro, I never want to give up so I can keep getting there little by little. Your team sounds like its pretty tough since it's competitive and stuff. Must be well know. Like I said, just give it your all!
    Haha that's awesome! Go get'em dude. Yeah, I wanna give it a try one day. The problem is I can't catch very well ha. Not much of a hand person, but a person can learn!

    Baseball. DERP.
    Ooh congrats I'm sure you did! Yeah, I play sports too. My preference is soccer. Baseball's a hard sport for me, but I'm it's fun if you now how. Don't worry about it just whenever there's time feel free to say when! I'll post my 3DS FC in my "About Me" info soon so you can just get mine from there. Do you have Brawl as well? That's a blast with Wi-Fi as well!
    Haha I think it's been more than a while. Yeah, I kinda disappeared for a long time cause I went to Mexico for break then I was loaded with work and stuff but I decided to come back. We can finally play online soon! We never did exchange friend codes or anything. If you have Kid Icarus: Uprising, Me you and Heroine can all play n stuff. Yeah, I've been fine just busy with homework and stuff.
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