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  • Aww. D: I personally don't like English class in general. It's my lowest grade right now (74%). But English teachers drive me CRAZY with their super specific ways of doing things. I have my own distinct style after writing so much, and I do NOT like being told to write in a different way. So frustrating! I just haven't had a good relationship with a Language Arts teacher since eighth grade. As far as grades go, though, I'm apparently in the top two percent of my class. Number eight or something. Sounds good to me. :P But I'm not good with Biology, and the teacher terrifies me...

    Only AP class I took is US History. That class was SO hard. -.- Still managed a B both semesters, though... But I got a 2/5 on the exam. XD
    Aww. You should learn! Try piano or something. That's probably the best for learning to read music. I'm not vert good at reading music, either, though, so don't feel bad. I haven't really had traditional lessons for a long time...

    School's taking up a lot of my time, too. I'm not doing too well in my classes. Probably 'cause I spend too much of my homework time on here...
    I'm pretty good. What about you? Oh, and I've wanted to tell someone so badly, so I'll tell you: I'm going to perform on the very same stage that I saw Symphony of Goddesses. I'm in an orchestra and we're going there. So awesome. :P
    good plan.
    Asylum was one of the ones that freaked me out too.
    and Wendigo.
    and the Benders.
    yknow maybe just all of season one ok
    yes yes
    I vote that you do
    Season 1 is honestly the scariest thing
    It gets less so as the seasons progress and gets into more angels/demons/magic types of things
    Season 1 has all the super scary monsters
    Bloody Mary is the worst episode.
    Wear a Zelda-related shirt.

    That's what everyone did when I went there. XD

    If you don't have one... normal clothes work, I think, haha. No one was wearing anything fancy, as far as I can remember... I don't know... It was a while ago, and my eyes were glued to my 3DS screen as I got 60 or so Miis.
    Four...alright, that's not too bad.
    better than Supernatural, anyone who wants to watch that has 7 seasons with 22 episdoes each to watch XD

    is there lots of gay in Merlin
    I'll probably end up shipping merthur yessss
    Nope, not yet! I think they have a tentative schedule on their site saying when they plan on opening it. And thank you. ^^
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