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  • Well, uh... It's a long story, but I'm actually taking a break from Skype for now. XD Somewhat ZD, too, but I'm still checking for VMs and the like. I'm trying to avoid talking to people online at the moment, mostly due to homework, and partially because I've been having an awful week and would have said some stupid things if I'd gotten on Skype, haha. I COULD just get on to add you, but I have a feeling they'd remove you without me there. So... is it possible to wait a few days? I'm sorry. I know we've been trying to do this for a long time. My break shouldn't be long. I just need to sort out some things in real life.
    XD Ummmmmm... Well, you have to download the program first. You did that, right? And then after that, you can open up the program and type in your username and password to log in. After, any contact requests will end up on the left. If you don't see my request, I can tell you how to add me instead.

    I'm sorry. I think I just asked to be your contact on Skype. Please go and accept it and tell me I got the right person. XD I can just add you to our group, by the way. I added one of my real life friends and everyone else was okay with it. ^^
    Yes, when you select a contact, there's a little text box at the bottom where you can instant message them. You can also create groups. What's your Skype ID? I'll show you, haha. Mine's heroine_of_time.
    Yay! ^^ And, heheh, in case you haven't noticed, I'm absolutely TERRIBLE at responding to people. On anything. Especially PMs, because I never look at those again after my first glance. XD
    Hi! :D I still have to respond to your previous message, hahaha. But, yeah, it's going fine. You need to make a Skype account. :P
    Yeah haha, I've been playing baseball since I was old enough to throw (Thats about 4) Yeah, that is true though. First game is supposed to be on the 20th, but idk with all the snow..
    Oh, I hope I do well. My coach told us today we better work, because we play in one of the most competitive leagues in the state, if not the country, that consistently churns out D1 players... Now I'm screwed. It's funny though, i have really dexterous feet, yet I'm really bad at soccer. it doesnt make much sense...
    You know it man! I checked today, my name was totally up on the board. First practice today; I just wanted to fall down and die. It was so hard… BUT SO FUN! I've never been any good at soccer….
    Sorry. XD I had to go, so I put my enormous reply on hold.

    Anyway, alas, the origins of my username are not nearly as cool as being from some anime. It's supposed to be the wind form of Waterlily – since, you know, water's an element and wind is an element and whatever... except I couldn't spell lily when I was little. I first used it on Neopets (or perhaps VMK, don't remember) and the name kind of stuck.

    Yay! Glad to hear that you like SS! Not many people do. ^^ That's too bad about not having the Oracles, though, haha. I got them (kind of recently, too; I might not have had one of them when I last talked to you) but I haven't been playing them much. I think AoL, the only other game I haven't beat, is more fun, haha.

    I agree; I'd prefer a 3D portable Zelda. That's be awesome. And considering how well OoT 3D did, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually did try that. But maybe you're right. I have no idea. Nintendo could go either way! XD And I'm in agreement with wanting graphics similar to the demo! That would make ME so happy! :P I really, really want the semi-realistic graphics again and you totally said exactly what I was thinking with SS's graphics, hahaha.

    I've always advocated an ALttP remake over an MM remake, for the exact reasons you listed. It's never been done before in the Zelda series and I would love to see what they could do with that! I'm not a huge fan of LttP in general, so I think a remake would actually convince me to replay it. On the other hand, like I said, I've been playing a lot of MM lately, and it's happened a lot where I've wished I could take MM with me when I leave the house, hahaha. And I would LOVE more files. I haven't ever played that game with the name "Link" because when I started it, I was still using my real name, and the second file belonged to my sister and she told me I could only use it if I named it "Doggy". So uh... that happened. But I'd really prefer the LttP remake, since it's something completely different and Nintendo could go several different ways with it. (Just imagine watching Link's Uncle die in 3D... They could put so much emotion into that scene...!)

    And, yeah, X and Y, hahaha. I'm excited (SYLVEON IS THE CUTEST THING EVER) but I know I'm not likely to actually get the games. I got Black for my birthday but never really played it. I only beat the first gym, actually. But it does look awesome, and I mean, the 3D looks so interesting. If everyone says it's really good I'll probably get it. Either way, though, I can't wait to see some of the new Pokémon! What type do you think Sylveon is?

    The group is on Skype, not the wiki. The Skype chat was supposed to be about the wiki, but we kind of got off-topic a lot. XD And you can be added to the group by editing whatever you want, but you don't necessarily need to. Like I said, we can even make a new group, just for Brawl. :D Did you look into getting Skype yet?

    Oh, and sure, I'll make you an avatar. It HAS been a while since I did anything in Photoshop... but I can probably get my sister to help if I have to. XD What do you want on it? Have anything in mind? By the way, where'd your current siggy come from? It's amazing!
    That'd be sweet! I'm not sure how much time I'll have though, because I'm pretty sure I just made our school's baseball team, so I'll have to see when I'm free.
    Like that. Anyway, I been pretty good. What about you? Haven't heard from ya in a while.
    Well, um, I'm actually about to head to a friend's house, though, so we can't Brawl or anything. I'm not sure if she has Wi-Fi, but I know she has Kid Icarus and Brawl, so we might be able to play there. I'm sorry. :(

    EDIT: Woah, avatar change. XD
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