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Ocarina of Time Best & Worst Temples in OOT.

El Bagu

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Jul 5, 2008
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The Water Temple'sonly down side was thefact that morpha was a too easy boss...

Spirit Temple is one of the best, I agree, cause it has that mysterious feeling, cool bosses and mini boss, and an awesome theme... also, i wonder if you don't think that Shadow Temple is awesome as well

If you are refering to me. Then yes, the shadow temple is really good, probably one of the harder. The boss was one of the best in oot I think. The reason why I do not put it on the top is that it is a little bit to dark I guess.


I hated the Water temple. One time i ws halfway through and put a key in a wrong hole and i couldn't play anymore...:dry:

Twilight Mask

My best temple is the forest temple, I liked the battle with phantom ganon but i hated the water temple with the water rise and stuff.


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Feb 11, 2009
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My favourite is the Temple of TIme.....lol jk..I think my favorite temple would be the Spirit Temple and/or Shadow Temple. The one I hate the most is definitely the Forest Temple...such an annoying and repetitive music. T.T....but fighting phantom Ganon was awesome I must say


Best: Forest Temple and The Kakariko Well.....spoooooookyyyyy....
Worst: Water Temple and Link's House. Damn, Link's House is hard!


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Feb 2, 2009
Here is my list, I'll update it when I finish the spirit temple.
"Quick, hide!"

--- Best ---

1) Spirit Temple:
I loved this temple, not too hard, not too easy, the mirror shield was a great fun, I also loved the Iron Knuckles, they were indeed awesome, but I never knew they could damage you when you were using your shield, so it made me use my darn Lon Lon Milk. >.<
Probably the best mini-boss, I liked the neato tricks with the Mirror Shield, and the Egyptian-like theme. I liked the temple more with Adult Link, and Nabooru (Iron Knuckle form) actually made me use my fairy when I was being careless. D:
Twinrova was sinch, I defeated her without taking damage on my first run-through, but I took a bit of time. Truly a great temple.

2) The Shadow Temple:
This temple was very scary for me (hey, I finished today and I'm only 11 :P), which also made it cool, I loved the traps, and more importantly the Lens of Truth and the Hover Boots, I didn't like having to pause the game and change boots, the ReDeads and the stupid Wall/floormasters, I got sent back to the start and I was very angry, so I used Farore's Wind just in case next time. Pretty cool and creepy, as was the boss, that was the second boss that was actually challenging for me in Ocarina of Time (so far), because it made me use one of my fairies. >.<

3) Dodongo's Cavern:
Eh, you didn't expect this to go here, did you? :D
This place was pretty cool, and it was not too hard, or too easy, can you believe the hardest thing for me was finding the bombs when they were on a ledge right next to me? :P :lol:
A pretty cool place, the only bad thing was the boss was far too easy, I beat it in like 30 seconds without taking damage at all.

4) Fire Temple:
A pretty cool place, got me stuck in a few places for a while.
I loved the megaton hammer and the boss, the fire dragon Volvagia in this temple, it was also pretty cool saving all those gorons.
Volvagia wasn't too tough, I owned him without using a fairy, pretty cool temple, I just didn't like the Like likes.

5) The Bottom of the Well:
One word: SCARY!
I was a litttle creeped out this morning, and hated all the stupid traps I fell down. >.<
The boss, the Dead Hand, was pretty cool, I was relieved I finally got the Lens of Truth, at the end, a pretty creepy, yet cool mini-dungeon.

6) Lord Jabu Jabu's Belly:
A pretty whacked out location, but whatever, as long as I get to use a Zora princess to kill enemies, the place was pretty hard, I almost died when I didn't have the boomerang, the mini boss was a bit challenging, probably harder than the actual boss, an alright dungeon.

7) Inside The Great Deku Tree:
Wow, the first dungeon, WAY too easy, but a good starting dungeon seeing as you only had 3 hearts, the slingshot was pretty sweet, but Gohma was too easy, I liked all the neat tricks in this place. :)

8) Water Temple:
Gah, I hated this place, yay, let's go change the water level, yay, let's go find keys, yay, let's own this far too easy boss, NO! I hated this place, the only good thing was the mini-boss, Dark Link, but I still pwned him with the Biggoron's Sword, I really hated this place. Morpha was too easy.

9) Ice Cavern:
The worst mini-dungeon, I disliked this place, the boss was too easy, the place was whack, it's a shame it was the Ice place, ugh, really bad.
Worst dungeon on my list so far.

--- Worst ---

and Link's House. Damn, Link's House is hard!

EDIT: I updated my list. You were right, Vergo.
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Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
^ If you loved the Shadow Temple, (like I did) you'll love the Spirit Temple. It's easily my favorite in the whole game. I feel your pain with the Bottom of the Well. I usually go in, get the lens, and get out without doing anything else. :D

mamu mamu

spirit or shodow? i cant realy decide. i definitly hated the water temple though


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Dec 29, 2008

My favorite temple in oot is the fire temple. I really liked finding the Gorons and letting them free. My favorite tp temple would be snowpeak, all the way. I didn't think it was difficult, but that cutscene at the end really got me! All of those flying hearts ♥ !

I do not like the Shadow Temple, which is the temple I am currently at in oot. It's really scary :c ! In tp, my least favorite would have to be the city in the sky. I really liked it but I didn't like it as much as the others.

Caleb, Of Asui

I haven't played Ocarina of Time for a while, so I'm not completely sure. :mellow: I suppose I'll say the Spirit Temple is my best. I remember enjoying that one much. I don't know if it's going there as both child and adult Link, or fighting Twinrova as the boss right after armored Naburoo as a mini-boss.

Worst dungeon, for me, is definitely a lot harder. When I like something (in this case, Ocarina of Time), I tend not to think negatively about parts of it. I'm not a very critical person. >.< I guess I might say Water Temple, but I hardly remember being annoyed at it as much as anyone else. Again, I haven't played this game for a while, so I don't really know.

Another thing I'll comment about here: it really annoys me when people refer to most of the dungeons as temples. It's okay if it has temple in the name, like the Forest Temple, but the word temple seems to have too much of a sacred connotation to connect it with a place like Jabu Jabu's Belly. >_<:hmm:


The best temple for me would have to be the shadow temple. the dark and evil feel to the temple was awesome. the forest temple would be just as good,because phantom ganon was one of the coolest bosses ever. the water temple was very hard,and thats definately my least favorite.
Feb 1, 2009

1. The Temple of Time was the easiest b/c you didn't have to do anything, LOL!
2. The Forest Temple was amazing it was like a big puzzle, it had a great theme -Forest- and the boss wasn't that hard except for that picture thing!
3. The Sand Temple was also fun just like the 2nd temple its theme was -Desert- it wasn't to hard, but not to easy and you go to go in it as both young and older link. The mirror shield was awesome looking and the boss was fun to fight against.


4. The Fire Temple was a pain in the butt, you had to do all this weird stuff and it was very confusing to me. It was pretty interesting, but it was still a pain.
5. The Water Temple I loved how it was based all on one thing water even the boss was kinda made of water. It was a pain with the water level system and the keys were really hard to find, but it was a little fun.
6. The Shadow Temple was just too scary with all the ominous music, the hidden rooms, trap doors, and it was all a pain in the butt and I hate the mummies in it. Though the boss was a fun boss to fight b/c of the drum and arrow shooting, but it's a little creepy when he comes flying at you with him body and even his hands!


I would say that the temple I liked the most, or I would call the best was the Spirit Temple. I had no problems with it in terms of figuring things out, and I just liked the over all setup of it. Not to mention I found the music of it entertaining to a certain degree.

For my worst, I would go with the Shadow Temple. The Shadow Temple was the exact opposite of the Spirit Temple, in that it was fairly difficult, not to mention you had Wallmasters everywhere, a chance to fall off the ground your walking on at every turn, etc.

Johnny Boy

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Feb 26, 2009
My favorite temple has to be eh, the Spirit Temple.
This temple has awesome music.
I also am a fan of the traveling through time during this temple.
I thought that was a cool feature they added.

Call meh crazy, but i actually like the Water Temple.
Honestly, the changing the water level thing has never been
that hard in the past. The music is a plus.
In fact, all of the temples have great music, namely Spirit.

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