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Johnny Boy
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  • Hi, you don't know me but i love kirby he is so cool and cute.erm if you get this message ever than i have also requested you as a friend :)
    Kirby is cool :) I believe I´ve tried the NES version, never completed it though. Guess I´ll have to try the 64 version eventually, should be great!

    Yeah I changed again, back to Arthur and the way he looked in the first game (I change too often :lol:)
    You´re so correct, the Battletoad Rash it is :) I don´t deserve to use my old Avatar anymore, cause I haven´t been able to complete the first and original Ghosts ´n Goblins, but I was close!

    By the way your Avatar is absolutely one of the coolest at this forum, is it Kirby? I must really try some Kirby games myself :)
    Oh my gosh! That's so cool! I like to watch college basketball more than pro. But my biggest hope is still to play in the wnba. My high school is really good at football. I think that's the main sport. Football games are always fun to go to no matter what school :rolleyes:
    I found it in avatarist, (where your Kirby avvy is from) and I got this one, unaware you ever used it. Sorry. :( But since you are using that one now, can I use this one?
    Yeah that's what my brother says. He is already out of highschool and in college but there's so much competition with boys it's unbelievable! For girls though it's different. There's only four other girls in my whole school who play on a basketball team. Basketball will always be my favorite sport and I will never stop loving it either :) Do you play any other sports?
    Why thank you. ^^

    I think my personal favorite is the one of him holding up Ganon from ALttP and saying that it's how to do a final Zelda boss right... but that's just me.

    I think I've become semi-famous for doing those. I could be wrong, though. :xd:
    Oh my gosh that's the same thing I said to my teammate yesterday! The court is a stage! Yeah, I'm crazy about it too. I really want to play college bball but that's some ways away. I just got back from a 3 day-six game tournament, I am beat! So, are you hoping to play college ball too?
    Thanks! Yours is really cool too! Oh, my friend was like hey do you want to see veggies and fruits dancing? Then I told her why wouldn't I and she showed me it on her phone :)! I just searched the blinking words on google images and tada, there it is! Where did you find yours?
    I played it a while back when me, my siblings, and my cousins rented it. I fell in love with it and got it later that year, if I recall. Brilliant game.

    Awesome avatar. ^^
    Thank you my friend :) I guess I will never pass Amelie again, I´ve got too much going on lately so I "only" make 2-4 posts a day. Maybe I will fall down from the list eventually, but not too soon I believe. How is everything with you? Fine I hope :)
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