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  • Bellum? I've heard that name in an old site called Zelda Castle...and at The Zelda Experience:lol:
    I drew something for you, Bellum.
    wait...how do i post this picture...?
    I'd get that image thread renamed if I were you, I actually like some of those images :) it's just as I said in your thread, you just need to get rid of the white lines by either erasing them or hiding them with something (like I do because even in the cyber world I'm a fat lazy teen :P)...keep practising and you'll be making nice images in no time.
    Hi, you seem pretty awesome, how long have you been a member to have posted so much?!
    I doubt there is, but I knew you didn't mean it when I read what you wrote.

    It's okay, don't worry about it. I'll just have to make some more good posts in order to make up for it. :)
    Why do we keep letting you back? What, do you have the lowest reputation here? Seriously, stop being a crappy member of our community.
    welcome to ZD, iliekgames, have fun, but dont forget 2 read the rules!See ya around;).
    If you need help, just ask me or another member!
    Yo bellum. Wazzap? Haven't seen ya lately. The Dungeon looks way cooler than the last look :)
    Yo, Bellum, this isn't Brandon's fault, so don't give him a hard time. Yell at me if you have to, but a 10 year old probably won't mean much to me.
    Technically it wasn't hacked. I already had access to it. And if you want to know why I did it then ask me. I never do this kind of thing.
    Check out my SSBB Battle arena thread. It's in General Gaming
    Oh, don't worry...I'll be in the SB more than evah! *maniacal laugh* I still have Arbiter Powers.
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