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  • Bellum, Mases uses vBulletin as the forum host, but it is not free because of the features and no advertisements.
    You could have simply saw at the front page.
    haha yeah...my crappy avatar album.
    I really don't see why anyone would want to borrow them, but hey, just putting them up if some crazy person really wants one. =P
    shelly is workin on them aswell... im buizy w/ alot of stuff... liek annoyin neighbors tht pester u 2 have a mud bath (strange thing is: a mud bath would feel good rly)... and yes... im hlpme... mases changed my username
    I also got Doctor Mario Express for the Dsi today. It is a game thet I kinda likie but do not like too much. My main point: it's ok.
    Thanks. ^^

    Yeah, Moosh might've been... but she might have just been trying to have some fun with it too. Either way I don't really mind. ^^

    By the way, Moosh is a "she." ;)
    after 10 days or something. looking at the report for the reason of the ban, you were advertising when you where told to quit it, and ignored it.
    The 4 day ban from the forum is because you made short posts that counted as spam ...again, and ignoring the warnings in the SB.

    As i told you so many times, the more you break the rules, the more extended bans you get. In your case, you are breaking the same rules over and over again. The purpose of a warning is to let you know that you are doing something wrong and to give members a chance to adjust theirselfs. However, it seems you ignore it, you already recieved so many chances, thats why your bans keep being expended.

    So do yourself a favor and behave yourself and obey the rules.
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