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    :xd: Yes, he does. I got 100% on his quiz. :P w00t!
    A Webmaster is a ranking at the site, zeldadungeon.net. An administrator is a ranking here at the Zelda Dungeon Forums. A Webmaster technically, doesn't have any power over the Forums, but has full control over the website.
    I too, know about the URL tags, and I have for a while now. I learnt on a forum last year, it's a pretty cool and fun feature, eh?
    54 hours? That's pretty good, or at least it sounds good, since I've never played TP.
    By the way, I sent an upgraded Chapter One OoT walkthrough to Cody, I hope he puts it on. :)
    Lol, someone has figured out how URL tags work, eh? ;)

    But, I am a ZW member as well as a mod and staffer, so I've been there quite a bit.
    Thanks. Yeah, it struck me as hilarious, especially with the "lulz" face on it. :xd: Did you see or like my Mases pictures?

    Oh, and sorry about beating you in that Super Mario Coins tournament.
    I already talked with mehplep, and you are not a moderator, and MIni modding suits very badly a member that has been banned several times
    thanks El bagu and here's the ultimate picture, heh heh

    Hi bellum! Heard you got TP, nice. Hope you enjoy it and that it surpasses your expectations :)
    lol battle of the genders :xd: its so weird how that always happens. girls got their side and the guys got theirs.
    well you got banned too so we are even and I gave a friend request and its been a wile and I want you to exept it ok
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