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El Bagu
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  • Happy 4th of july!
    :D Hah! Okej, tack! Då får jag helt enkelt bara kämpa vidare, så kanske jag kan lyckas klara spelet så småningom. :)
    (Om några år kanske...)
    o_O Wow! Det verkar verkligen vara utmanande. Jag har faktiskt inte klarat Zelda II än... Jag tycker att spelet är riktigt svårt. Jag har kommit till Horsehead, men jag har inte lyckats att besegra honom. :( Har du något bra tips på hur man "blir bra" på Zelda II? Du verkar kunna mycket om det.
    Ahoy El Bagu! :wave:

    Jag såg i din signatur och under ditt användarnamn att du har skrivit om 1-8-1, 1-8-8 och 8-8-1. Vad betyder allt det? :?
    Thanks a ton! It's definitely been eventful, and pretty happy. And in my book, I got a lot done, so that's bonus.
    Thnx, i will have lots of fun. Starting with a bottle of red wine that i got from my colleagues from work. =)
    In my time zone currently (11:04pm), it's still my birthday. So yes, all I did was go out to see the fireworks and cake, etc. It was kinda rainy all day, though. Thanks :]
    I think it's correct. And yeah, the forums were at about 50 thousand posts at around the time when you left, then in the last year or two there was just a boom in activity. I think it's about 3 times more than that now. It's good for the forums and community that it's growing I guess, but it's better that we've still got some of the older members around here. :P
    I've been pretty good recently, just finished the hardest part of my school year and have a new collection of games to complete over the summer. [noparse]:D[/noparse]And yeah, I've been purple for a long time now when I think about it, two years I think. :) Have a nice day too.
    Yup it's the Magic Sword I was doing sprites from the first game one day (I just realized I didn't do gleeok -.-) and decided I'd do the Magic sword so there it is
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