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    i read a story on another forum about a kid who goes around mackin on underaged girls. watch out kids!
    I'm fine too.
    And thank you! Its probably my favourite out of all my avatars!
    Keep dancing GIR!
    Citan is a perv. Don't trust this guy okay. Hes up to no good.
    wait did he send u something in the mail? like real mail or internet mail?
    So you like to run around with torches to! It's actually quite fun! :lol:
    So, anyways, how are you?
    Yup. I got new skateboard stuff :) just in time for it to get cold lol. I wish i lived out by you where it never snows and its warm all year (yeah im kinda a scrooge **** all the white christmas stuff) didnt you say you live in like california or something? or maybe it was somebody else. whatever i dont remember. Im pretty stoked for spirit tracks tho! i havent played video games inna while so itl be a nice way to start playing them more often than like once a month lol
    PS, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, been having computer problems. Good luck with OOT, it's one of the best in my opinion.
    I have beaten OOT, MM, WW, and TP. I have been playing Zelda since the first one came out on the original Nintendo. It's the only game I've ever really gotten into although I have tried others.
    Hey! Whats up? I havent been on all summer i was too busy, and before i knew it i had forgotten this wonderful website untill my friend said her little cousin was playing a game where he was a little man wearing a green hat! :) glad to be back!
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