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  • I know, we never talk anymore :( So sad! I miss talking to you about the most random stuff. I hope skateboarding is awesome and hope you are having a kick *** summer :D
    elementskater995.i saw what you posted on my profile and thats not true.dont believe what edzo and beat says.they are just 2 mean kids that are always raising lies about me here and other sites for no reason.i never did anything to them yet they always want to be mean to me.
    Nope. That was a major Forum hack.
    Most of our topics were deleted when a Mod was hacked.
    After that, people lost hundreds of posts.
    They changed it after the forums were hacked.
    I don't know why though...I belive that it was to cut down on the number of members spamming the SB.
    The ShoutBox is no longer public.
    To be able to veiw it, you need to meet certain requirements.
    I think some of them are:

    At least 20 posts.
    and have over 11 reputation points.
    I wish it was cold. You have no idea how lucky you are. I have to like sizzle in the sun all year round with no breaks of coolness!!! Ugh, congrats on the skateboarding stuff :) Sounds awesome! Yeah I feel like I havent played a freakin videogame in forever! Im excited too :) Im getting my DS in a week!
    Me and one of my buddies were harassed by mods there for absolutely no reason.
    hola :) been gone a while...I feel so guilty :(
    well anyways, summers here so Im not going to be upset for too much longer!
    Well, xD is an Emote. Expressing Lmao or something like that.
    Hehe. You're welcome.

    You like Green Day and the Foo Fighters? Me too. =D

    I have a feeling we're going to be good friends. xD
    Hehe. Thanks for the welcome Elementskater.

    Lemme guess, you like the White Stripes?
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