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  • Lol I can imagine that! :D that's like something my friends would do to me...I'll be ice skating and then like two hours after we eat my friend tells me I have mustard on my pants. Nice, I know. lol

    PS: What's your profile pic????
    Ouchhhhhh xp I love rockcliming but whenever I am climbing down I slam into the wall and break like every bone in my body.....Well that's what it feels like anyways. lol it's dangerous
    They are two cute little cartoon guys!!! Well a girl and a guy not two guys. But yeah, they are pon and zi! they are soo adorable :)
    Yeah same here my friend had it on her phone too and I just searched Google and tada I FOUND IT :D lol
    Notttttt much lol ;)
    Oh and I was really bored one day because I was waiting in line for something and my friend comes up to me and was like hey um do you know pig latin and i was like nooooo and shes like okay ill teach itt to you so I went along with her.
    heres what pig latin is (if you don't know)
    you take the first letter of your name or a word and move it to the end of the word and just add ''ay''
    like my name, Haley : pig latin : Aleyhay
    so I just said UsayEldaZay because Zelda in pig latin is EldaZay!
    Whoa I wrote alot ;)
    Thankies for the welcome! ^^
    Oh yeah, I forgot about the 50 character limit. :dry:
    Whats double post? and yeah that sucks I don't know who did it to me, but they need to grow up I can type however I want they just need to accept that....
    Curse you and your almost cursing!! Hahah just kidding, I'm not really that fast of a poster so I'm sure you will catch up fast. But thanks :)
    hey man.....dont worry about it man, im sure u aren't all bad a few hoax reputation points make u out to be.
    have a good one!!!
    Thanks for the adivce.............LOL I'm pretty sure I'll try not to break the rules or get caught...LOL!
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