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Johnny Boy
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  • I tend to change it every now and then. I belive Arthur should be his name. Yours is not that bad either :) Especially your signature!
    Hey, thanks JB. I hope to get my permit in a week or so. After that, I'll start driving. I'm more excited than I thought I'd be. :P
    Ive never really played BK too much in depth, so id have to say BT. I beat it at age 6 i believe and I just loved playing it. The characters have strange appeal. A bird and a bear? quite the team if you ask me :P
    Glad to see another Banjo & Tooie/Kazooie fan out there :). You are right, Nuts and Bolts just is not the same Banjo & Tooie/Kazooie we all know and love.
    Well I am glad you do like it :clap: ! I believe most of them are superb but AoL is underrated (although some like it, the group is growing).
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