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  • thanks a lot guys...I know I don't come here as often as I'd like, but I still appreciate the comments!! ^^
    Happy Birthday, MOS3! 26 huh. Hmm...You still have a good few years before you're old and boring. :P

    Anywho. Happy Birthday. Don't forget to stuff yourself with cake!
    Heh, hard to believe you just have to scroll down a bit to see where I told you happy birthday last year. :D

    One whole year later....

    Happy Birthday again!
    Happy Birthday to you! Make sure to eat lots of Cake!!!

    Mases upgraded the board to a new version of vBulletin, and changed the main site's layout. He's waiting for them to finish the new version (we're using a beta) before he tries to come up with a skin and implement board modifications. On the main site, there's now comments for news, and to go along with that, Mases removed the news section and decided that news threads will be put into the forum sections they relate to the most. Some news - like walkthrough and guide updates - won't get threads at all.

    Unfortunately, the shoutbox is also gone because that was only compatible with the old version of vBulletin. Mases doesn't have an alternative right now, and he seems to be reconsidering policies regarding the shoutbox. I think I convinced him that we should still have one, though. I hope so, because I miss it. :(
    Aw, thank you. ^^

    Don't worry about it, I honestly don't expect random people I know online to remember my birthday anyway. lol.
    Your Signature is so awesome... why don't you ask mases to turn you into MOS4?he changed hlpme's user name
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