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  • And that, dear friend, is exactly why it WAS nessecary. I love scaring people. Why else do you think I dress like a skitzophrenic lunatic?
    The Joker is so sexy. I seriously went home after watching the Dark Knight and had sex dreams about him. XP And now that I have frightened you for life, I shall depart. >:)
    Heh, thanks. Everyone has kind of connected you with the Joker.

    Have you seen the funny picture thread yet? When El Bagu saw the joker/mcdonalds picture, he instantly thought of you. :D
    Yeah, it's the time gate from Chrono Trigger. And it actually moves in the forum, but not on my profile for some reason.
    He-Man FTW. Very cool and nostalgic. See ya around the forum.
    Hey MOS3, can you join a social group I made called 1-2-3 (a place where almost anything goes)? It would make me very happy, since I'm on a recruiting spree. :D
    A poster? Nice. I saw some nice framed pictures of him a while back, but didn't have the money to buy them.

    They also had bobbleheads, and a big life-sized cardboard cutout of him. Do you realize how back I wanted them and how "hell no" my mom was when I asked about them? :xd:
    i watched the dark knight on my trip back to my house from PA and at one point it reminded me of your avatar^^. At one point in the movie I wanted to make an avatar of the joker. he was wearing a nurse lady dress and a wig during the hospital scene with harvey dent. i thought if i did a caption for it it would be a cool avatar
    I just realized you are from Chile. That is so awesome. I think Smertios (joined on February 2nd) was out first South American Dungeon member, and just a week later we get a second one. That's awesome. You are even more special then before. :)
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