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  1. Ikana

    Worst Movie You've Ever Seen in Your Life?

    I think the movie was called Triangle or something like that, most mind F***ed I have ever seen. It hardly made any sense to me and at the end of the movie it never explains why the main character is going through the plot. Turns out that she is a complete psycho who kills everyone with no motive.
  2. Ikana

    Pikmin Returns!!! Woot!

    It's been years since the second one and I can't wait for this one to come out! So far with what I have seen with the game pleases me, I just hope that the game is a little bit longer than the first two. This game is definitely going on my top to get game list.
  3. Ikana

    Gerudos Theory

    They could just be in another part in the Desert that we could not go to at that point. I mean after the whole Ganondorf issue they might have moved deeper into the desert then being near Hyrule. I think that some of the Gerudo just migrated to Hyrule and bred within the hyliens, I mean look at...
  4. Ikana

    Your Favorite Champion

    I would have to say with all of the champions so far I would have to pick either Cynthia or Steven. I don't know, but for some reason those two are the most rememberable for me. I was not too happy when I found out that Steven was replaced by Wallace, but what are you going to do. At least you...
  5. Ikana

    Sleeping Positions!

    Most of the time I will sleep on my back with my head turned to one side. Other times I will be sleeping on my side rather then on my back.
  6. Ikana

    Zelda Tattoos

    I would not mind getting a Zelda tattoo or any tattoo for the matter, but I don't want to look into 30 years in the future regretting that I got one. If I were ever to get a tattoo it would not be on a part of my body that people could see.
  7. Ikana

    Any Roller Coaster Lovers Out There???

    I'm am not a big fan of Roller Coasters at all. That's the one main reason on why I don't like going to Six Flags or Canada's Wonderland, I just end up sitting on the bench waiting for the rides to end. I have been on one Roller Coaster with a friend of mine and I hated it, never again will I go...
  8. Ikana

    Shiny Pokemon

    The only shiny that I got that wasn't given to you or cheated on was a shiny Togetic. I ended up using the Mesuda Method on Black and White since it's so much easier on those games, because the chance of getting one was risen. I did have a shiny Manectric, but I technically cheated on that one...
  9. Ikana

    Opinions on Legendary Pokemon in Battles?

    I'm fine with them if the person is using just one. But if they are using more then one and using a cheap move like Dark Void Darkrai then I will disconnect with them. But if your talking about using them in the storyline then I really don't mind using them. Most of the time I won't use...
  10. Ikana


    About a month ago I started watching 2 anime's called Blood-c and Blue Excorcist. Blood-C hasn't been getting so much love due to its slow moving plot, but I kinda like that since you get to know how the character friendships are going so if one of them dies you will kinda get on how the...
  11. Ikana

    Any Acclaimed Games/series You Dislike?

    A game that I could never get into was final fantasy. Me and my brother tried playing it but we just never got into it, the same thing goes to Kingdom Hearts. So much hate into the new Pokemon games recently but I kinda like the newer ones then the older ones. Its been like that since Johto but...
  12. Ikana

    Is Skyward Sword the Last Epic Game to Come to the Wii?

    I also heard that a Pokemon game could be coming out for the Wii but there hasn't been any news for it in awhile. If so then the Wii could have another major title coming out but if they decide to move the rumored Pokemon game to the WiiU then its likely that SWS would be the last major title...
  13. Ikana

    Labrynna and Holodrum in Correlation to Hyrule (im Sorry I Cant Spell)

    I think what your talking about is when Zelda states that Ganondorf wants to rule all of Hyrule but she then corrects herself saying "no not just Hyrule but the whole world" I cant remember if she said it like that but I do know that she says that he wants to rule the World not just Hyrule. I...
  14. Ikana

    Which Temple?

    I would have to say the Shadow Temple. This temple gives off a horrible sense of dread and death that just gives you goosebumps. Many people were probably sentenced to death at the Shadow temple and were placed in the torture rooms that were held there. I don't really get that feeling with the...
  15. Ikana

    Disks or Cartriges?

    I'm more in the middle but if I really had to choose between one of the two I would have to say Cartridges. There are both positive and negative things to both Disks and Cartridges. For Cartridges they are not as hard to break as it is to breaking a Disk, I cant even remember breaking a...
  16. Ikana

    The Whale from the Trailer = Wind Fish?

    I highly doubt that that the whale we saw in the trailer was the wind fish from Links Awakening. I guess it could be Jabu-Jabu but I'm not even sure if that's the case either but what I truly think is that it's something completely new that we haven't seen yet.
  17. Ikana

    Fungal Spores What Are They For?

    What I think they would mostly be used for is to make potions or to be used in a side quest but I find that one unlikely. If they are used for anything else then I'm lost for words on what they could be used for.
  18. Ikana

    Ocarina of Time Importance of the Music

    Music is very important when it comes to video games. Music helps you get more into the feel of the situation that your in. Whether it would be sad or happy music is important to help give off those feelings.
  19. Ikana

    Hot or Cold?

    I cant stand the cold. Where I used to live we really didn't have much of a winter so moving into Canada was a huge change to me. The winters here are freezing and I find myself locked up in a house since neither me or my mom can stand the cold. I prefer to be hot than to be cold but that was...
  20. Ikana

    Nintendo Wi-Fi Issues (help from Computer Experts Needed)

    It depends on what security system you have ( the ds is real bad with this one), I used to have this problem all the time with my DS. Well my wifi worked with my wii but for some reason it wouldn't work with my DS. Well I had to search up on why my ds wouldn't work with my wifi and it turns out...
  21. Ikana

    Things To Do When You're Sick!

    I don't have much of a strong immune system so I always tend to get sick a lot. Well in a matter in fact I'm sick right now and have missed three days of school so I'm going to put the list of things I did for the past two days. 1.Read 2. Get caught up on work from school 3. Play video games 4...
  22. Ikana

    Pokemon: How Do You Raise Your Pokemon?

    Recently got into EV training again. I make sure that their Ev's best suit the moveset that they have and to make time less consuming I give them nutrients. But lately I have been slacking when it comes to training so maybe when school is out I will start up again.
  23. Ikana

    What is Your Birthstone?

    I was born in November so my birthstone is Topaz and Citrine. I never knew that Citrine was a November birthstone, I only thought it was Topaz.
  24. Ikana

    If You Had the Choice to Be Immortal, Would You Take It?

    No, I would not be immortal if I was given the chance. For starters I would get bored of life and I don't want to see my love ones die around me. Plus the world is not going to last forever and I wouldn't want to be around when that happens.
  25. Ikana

    Summer Agenda of 2011

    I still have this month and next month of school left. Well I plan to watch some Anime during the summer but Elfen I warn you don't watch Umineko till the second season is out. I don't suspect it to be out till next year since the sound novel just finished like 3 months ago. But at least I...
  26. Ikana

    What's the story of pamela & her father?

    1. This scene was supposed to give you a touching scene of a daughter with her father. Pamela wanted to keep her father away from the Gibdos since they wanted her father. She didn't want to tell her father about him turning into a Gibdo since she didn't want him to think that he could have...
  27. Ikana


    I used to live in Tornado Alley but now I live in Canada. Back in Texas we would get a lot of warnings and Tornado watches but they never really touched down well not in my life time. Our town had a really bad Tornado but that was way before I was born and my mom was a little girl when it...
  28. Ikana

    How Do I Tell Her I Love Her?

    Just tell her how you feel about her. If you don't say anything then nothing is never going to happen unless she does but if I was in that situation I wouldn't chance and risk it to have her to tell me. If she truly makes you happy when your around her then go for it and if she doesn't say yes...
  29. Ikana

    Twilight Princess Irritated with All of the Bad Stuff Said About It!

    Like others have said I have to agree with Ganondorf and 425. Everyone has a right to express why they don't like the game, now if someone is not being mature about it I can see why it would get irritating. But like I said everyone has a right to say that they don't like this game as much as...
  30. Ikana

    General Classic Wheres the Bomb Bag in Mq

    Well its on ZD walkthrough of this game if your wanting Master Quest. Its in the second floor in dodongo caverns after a few rooms when you beat the two Lizalfos. Hoped this help if not then look it up on ZD's walkthrough. You wanted the first bomb bag right well that's how you do it.
  31. Ikana

    Rate the Siggy!

    I'll give it a 8.5 for a simple and nice signature. I wonder which one of my 8 sigs will get rated?
  32. Ikana

    Can Your Mom Talk Zelda?

    My mom knows the difference between Zelda and Link. She also knows the three goddesses and the three Triforce pieces. I don't think she knows which Character has which Triforce piece she might know Ganondorf has the Triforce of power but not sure if she knows if link has the Courage one or...
  33. Ikana

    Four Swords Adventures A Little Confused?

    I'll help with the difference between the two. Four Swords required for you to have more then one gameboy advance and another copy of the game in order for you to play it. While four sword adventure lets you play without having to need another copy of the game or another system. For more info I...
  34. Ikana

    Which Pokémon Did You Choose in Black/White?

    I gave Oshawott a shot in my English Play through but in my Japanese play through I chose Snivy. I was going to pick Snivy again but decided to try something else and since Snivy didn't go very well in the team I had planned so I chose Oshawott. I will say I'm not a big fan of Oshawott but I...
  35. Ikana

    Spoiler Pokémon: Black and White Review

    Emolga from the electric gym wanted me to shoot it with a gun she kept switching them. I pretty much loved the game and didn't really have any dislikes since I don't favor Pokemon over stats or design. But I didn't like Cheren as much and the other girl was fine. I'm about to finish up my wifi...
  36. Ikana

    New Users, No Signatures?

    I don't see any problem with this as other forums I've been to do this also. Just to be safe 2 or 4 would be best, but no more then 5.
  37. Ikana

    I Have a Theory About Release

    The only problem with this is that they woudn't release SS right after OOT. They might wait a month or two to have people buy the OOT remake so that it can get some sales. But if two games are released somewhat at the same time it might hurt the sales of one of the games since people are going...
  38. Ikana

    Ocarina of Time Fire Temple Easy Or Hard?

    Eh the fire temple wasn't very challenging for me. As for the master quest which I haven't played in years I can't really say anything for that but I remember Master quest not really being much of a challenge for me either
  39. Ikana

    Who Likes Justin Bieber?

    I don't like his music at all but I'm not like other people who say harsh things about him. But one thing I don't like is his obsessive fans like the whole death threats to that one girl. To me music these days is going down each year for me and I'm losing interest in it. In my opinion music...
  40. Ikana

    Pokemon Series

    Well now that Black and White is coming out in 12 days I find myself playing Pokemon more. I managed to get the first two Shiny legendaries over on HG SS and I will have all three when the third one will be released over on wifi tomorrow even though you only need one to get Zoroark. Well I can't...
  41. Ikana

    Dazzle Movie Maker Help?

    So I don't if this will help much since I use a pinnacle device to capture footage, but I heard from many people not to use windows movie maker but it worked fine with me. There's one thing you should check is to go to tools and then go to audio levels and make sure the mark is at the middle or...
  42. Ikana

    Gamestop's Placeholder Skyward Sword Release Date Has Been Pushed to November.

    Even though they have been wrong in the past I'm just curious on why they made such a drastic change but still I don't trust Gamestop. All I have to say and what I told many other people the same thing your just going to have to wait till they release more info. Were bound to get a release date...
  43. Ikana

    April 2011 Release Date?!?!

    Never trust what Gamestop says. Many times they have said a game will be released on this date but when that date comes it always tends to be false.Never trust unannounced release dates only trust what Nintendo says.
  44. Ikana

    The Moving Generation

    Well for me I enjoy the classic way of controlling everything, I don't hate the whole moving style but i prefer the old style of controls. I already tried the kinect for Xbox but after a few games I just wanted to sit down I was sick of getting up then getting back down when it came my turn, but...
  45. Ikana

    April 2011 Release Date?!?!

    Well I'm hoping somewhere between April or May, but never trust release dates that haven't been announced by Nintendo. But with the 3DS coming out next year and that Pokemon game coming out I really need to come up with some money. I have enough money to get Pokemon Black which is coming out in...
  46. Ikana

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Had this one for a short time.I just got it a few days ago my last one was boring me so I decided for a Umineko Wallpaper
  47. Ikana

    Ikanas Graphics

    It is saved as a PNG file I just need to get a better site that host photo imaging and does not reduce the quality.Thanks for the comment
  48. Ikana

    Ikanas Graphics

    Well I just now notice when I did the whole open link in new tab they turned out blurry and they are not on the right size,i don't know why their doing that they look fine when I few them on my computer.
  49. Ikana

    Would You Like it if the Next Zelda Game Takes Place in the Future?

    For me it really depends on how far into the future,I'm fine with how they went a little into the future with Termina with the giant clock,Mayors,Banking Systems,the planed Bomb Shop Moon Trip.But I'm fine with the whole medieval times era,and I wouldn't want to see Zelda in our timeline.Zelda...
  50. Ikana

    Ikanas Graphics

    Well after making signatures for over a year now I have decided to make a thread that will display some of my sigs that I have made.When I get the time I will take request from people who want me to make a sig for them but right now I'm NOT taking request.These are all made with GIMP the only...
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