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  1. Quin

    Mobile Games

    I used to be pretty extreme against it, but I mellowed out over the years and actually found some pretty decent games on the system. I still hate the f2p bull**** and all of that and I would never play a "console" game on it that requires a controller, but some games like Ridiculous fishing make...
  2. Quin

    Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

    Honestly, this is a game you play because of the gameplay, not the story. They did really well with the turn based combat in this one. It really feels like its the best they could do to change the MH gameplay to a turn based game. Not an MH first but the story is really bad. I think I even...
  3. Quin

    Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

    Picking it up on steam today. Its sad to trash the 10 hours I put in the switch demo but the variable frame rate is REALLY bad, and I really don't want to spend more time into that. The area after the demo especially highlights how bad it can get. Otherwise its great, like it much more over...
  4. Quin

    Smash Bros Kazuya Mishima comes to Smash

    He's really not that hard to understand. literally any character in a real fighting game takes me more time to learn. Just give it 5 min in training and look at the move list. Don't care much about the character itself, but I expected as much as the whole of pass 2 have been crap to me, but he's...
  5. Quin

    Pre-ordering Games

    This. I do have a problem with ingame pre-order bonuses though, especially if the content isn't available in another manner Personally I try not to pre-order. But unfortunatly, there is sometimes something I really want which I know is gonna sell out quick, and I have no other choice, like...
  6. Quin

    Emulating or Playing Natively

    Emulator. Sometimes I do wish I could go back to the authentic experience, but that requires me to search for my old consoles, and also get a new CRT, don't have one of those anymore. if you aren't looking for the authentic experience, emulation is the best, and the easiest way to experience the...
  7. Quin

    Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Stream

    I don't like the octopath look so 3 remake does literally nothing for me, but I'm excited for the DQ 10 offline version, hopefully we get that. and 12 ofcourse.
  8. Quin

    Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Rise

    I'm hoping there is atleast another bazel like "surprise" in there. I'm just glad the story is finally over and we got the content we should have had tomorrow. Tired of the apex monsters. they are basically the deviants in everything but name, gear, and maybe missing some gimmicks. Hope this is...
  9. Quin

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Button Mapping vs Xbox controller profiles? (Dolphin) which will be better?

    pretty sure I can't customize the motion controls mate The remap update was nice and a good step in the right direction, but its not even close to being where it should be. if you want to see a better alternative just look at how steam does it.
  10. Quin

    Smash Bros Favorite Smash remix of the Zelda Main Theme

    pretty sure that last one is from smash 4 as well, when you bought Hyrule castle you got this theme with it. I don't think ultimate has a rendition. Gotta go with brawl on this one.
  11. Quin

    Smash Bros Echo Fighters you'd like to see

    uhh, no? I don't even know what to say here. Maybe you should play these characters for once and find out nothing what you said here is right. Why not throw in the starfox characters as clones too while you're at it. I wish they would just throw in black shadow, and make him literally...
  12. Quin

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Button Mapping vs Xbox controller profiles? (Dolphin) which will be better?

    Its not that bad, I've beaten it this way for fun. Its very much playable, and I honestly doubt the switch version is gonna be much different, in the off chance it might even be worse, like how they did mario galaxy. Full control costumisation will always be superior and the switch doesn't offer...
  13. Quin

    Favorite/least favorite minigames

    Seconding the cucco minigame. This is one of the most bull**** gaming achievements I have done in gaming ever. I spend 2 full days trying to do it and when I finally did I just felt sour about it. It really drags the game down a tad for me. Roll goal cant even compare. As for my favorite one...
  14. Quin

    Smash Bros If you could promote one assist trophy...

    Isaac, no question Takamaru, skull kid or bomberman would be cool too
  15. Quin

    Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Rise

    I already beat it and starting to get bored of it. They changed way too much of what made Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter for me. stuff like removing cold/hot drinks, being able to see every monster on the map at all times, which basically makes this monster fighter instead of hunter, and a lot...
  16. Quin

    Spoiler Pokemon Presents

    Snap looks super comfy, might buy D/P remakes look super awful and is so obviously a lazy cashgrab, but crazy people will still buy it. Now pokemon Legends, I wish I could like more, its a step in the right direction, way better than S/S for sure, but so far, it just looks like a pretty ugly...
  17. Quin

    Nintendo's $60 Re-releases

    Thats basically what I mean by getting away with it, because people keep buying it. I wouldn't put the blame 100% on the consumer though, its also a bit on Nintendo for caving in. Nintendo knows for ages now that there are enough people out there that buy every turd they put out. Its the last...
  18. Quin

    Nintendo's $60 Re-releases

    We all know Nintendo can get away with it, and that its the standard price point, and that they did this already before ect ect, but you have to be the biggest nintendrone to actually defend it. This is a forum, not a nintendo hugbox. People should be able to show their distaste for scummy...
  19. Quin

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    2021 is still long, and both characters will be announced this year. Its still not too late for eggman! Though I don't even dare hoping anymore.
  20. Quin

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    pretty bad direct all in all. I'll keep my eyes open for the famicom detective games, but thats kinda it.
  21. Quin

    Nintendo's $60 Re-releases

    I only caved in for 3D world and that will probably stay that way. Probably because its the only one that actually got some effort. The original also was one of my favorite marios and games in general and I already got some great mileage out of the online, not to mention the game is faster and...
  22. Quin

    Monster Hunter Monster Hunter Rise

    Really REALLY surprised I didn't see any framedrops when I saw 4 monsters on one screen in the trailer, but I guess we have to see in the final product before I can say that. But if it doesnt they must be using some kind of magic.
  23. Quin

    Smash Bros Smash Bros Ultimate

    Damn, we are really getting the bottom of the barrel trash now huh. If they should have taken ANYTHING from that game it should have been Malos and not some zero personality horny teen bait. I really hope I'm gonna get something out of the last two characters, otherwise I'm afraid I wasted money...
  24. Quin

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD: Motion vs Button Controls

    I recommend any new person to just play motion controls(except maybe when swimming) The game was made that way and you will get a lesser experience when you don't use it. And I say this as a general hater of motion controls
  25. Quin

    SSHD Skyward Sword HD Discussion

    60 bucks for a port of the worst 3D zelda? Nintendo has some balls, thats for sure. And they are gonna get away with it too. Considering the game was 20 bucks digitally on wii U this port has to be STACKED (it wont be) with new content to make this price worth it. The new control scheme is nice...
  26. Quin

    Smash Bros Smash is for the Casuals: A topic on the design of the Smash series and how people miss the point

    you can have competitive free for alls or casual 1v1's, so what you are saying is dumb. I can play pretty competitively with items too, but maybe I don't understand the difference between casual/competitive in smash anymore How to actually fix Ultimate's online without bad jokes: randoms...
  27. Quin

    Sub or Dub?

    Subs always. And not just for anime, but for other foreign media too.
  28. Quin

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    3D world. Man I love this game so much.
  29. Quin

    I've never played a Pokemon game, but I want to begin. Recommendations?

    The online in the modern games is so ass(sole exception being X/Y) that it really doesn't account for much.
  30. Quin

    I've never played a Pokemon game, but I want to begin. Recommendations?

    Is it a zoomer take if I actually prefer to play the original gold myself?
  31. Quin

    I've never played a Pokemon game, but I want to begin. Recommendations?

    Play HG/SS. Then just stop. You played the best game in the series and it will never get any better than this. G/S if you wanna go retro Emerald, Platinum and black/white (2) are solid choices too, but you only really need to play one game in the series, its all the same stuff, and not in a good...
  32. Quin

    Games you bought for FOMO

    Not sure why you would for a single player game. Among us is the most recent one I can think off
  33. Quin

    Smash Bros Trim the fat

    Awakening is the only modern game that really deserves the staying rep, saving the series from dying and all and making it very popular. Fates is crap and generally seen as a mediocre entry and corn was added just to promote it, and three houses is actually pretty good, but nothing more than the...
  34. Quin

    Smash Bros Trim the fat

    Ultimate is a wonder in itself. They are never gonna get cloud back for a third game, let alone sephiroth and other third party characters.
  35. Quin

    Smash Bros Some SSB house rules

    I don't like how it works to begin with, it fills by getting hit, but only drops when you die when its full, which makes killing yourself before its full sometimes the best option, which is bad design in my book. Not to mention that the most overpowered FS's kinda insta win with this. I wouldn't...
  36. Quin

    Smash Bros Some SSB house rules

    To be fair, the FS meter is ass and totally unbalanced too, way more so than the smash ball, and this is coming from the most "casual" smash player here probably. I never turn it on. I play stock, all stages with hazards on, and all items on med. Thats how I feel the game is meant to be played...
  37. Quin

    Smash Bros Trim the fat

    Don't crack your head on it, because its pretty stupid and gladly will never happen.
  38. Quin

    What's Your Ringtone?

    Currently its Dark Pit's theme, but I'm probably gonna change it soon. I can't play a smash stage with this song anymore without looking at my phone. Probably gonna set it back to the 24 tune. Used to have that on my old phone but never set it back for some reason
  39. Quin

    Smash Bros What is your preferred controller for Smash Bros.?

    Actually, This is REALLY close to my pro setup as well The only thing that is different is that I have shield on the X and grab on R(and stick sensitivity on normal) but generally this feels WAY better than the normal controls I changed GC around too. I don't like using pressure sensitive...
  40. Quin

    Smash Bros Trim the fat

    Pokemon trainer? one of the better concepts in smash, (so much so thats its one of the few they brought back) probably the best idea for a pokemon rep, and not to mention its also tied to one of the most popular pokemon, one I doubt they will ever drop? I don't know what drugs your using but...
  41. Quin

    Smash Bros Trim the fat

    Yeah, next smash will pe pretty different, and the roster probably a lot smaller. I wish we could just work with this roster and go on, but thats just not gonna happen. there are a lot of characters I would wanna trade out or just cut for others, but here are some characters that actually make...
  42. Quin

    Best System UI?

    I hated the PS3 and 4's, there was just too much fodder you couldn't get rid off. The themes were great. My vote probably goes to the wii. the idea of channels was neat and it was pretty customizable
  43. Quin

    Breath of the Wild Best Side-Quest in Breath of the Wild?

    The whole island sidequest. one of the best parts of the game in general. Not only is it a reference to one of the best Zelda games, it was also a lot of fun to do.
  44. Quin

    Best version of Link, Zelda, and Ganon?

    TWW Link for sure. The only Link with charm and personality, even though its still not much. For Zelda, SS. She's the cutest. Tetra is close though For ganon, nothing beats blue pig, so ALTTP, because they gave him the trident in that game. If I had to pick a ganondorf it would probably be the...
  45. Quin

    What's your favorite forgotten older game?

    A lot if PS1 classics actually, but to just name one, Tomba
  46. Quin

    Do You Still Buy DVDs/Blu-rays?

    I do if i really enjoy a movie I saw. I do the same with music and other media
  47. Quin

    Breath of the Wild Pro controller drift

    They dont. Its really only a joy con controller issue. Your pro can still drift with heavy use just like any other controller though
  48. Quin

    Can a split fanbase be a good thing for a franchise?

    Yes, because it shows the creators are willing to experiment with the franchise and try out new things. Zelda is the perfect example of this. Its one of the more diverse older series out there.
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