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  1. Zanzibar

    Help Deleting My Account?

    I just don't use it much anymore so I'm trying to find the delete button. Any way i can?
  2. Zanzibar

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Super Mario World 3D - Wii U The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD - Wii U Just Dance 2014 - Wii U Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix HD - PS3
  3. Zanzibar

    Rate the Username

    8/10 very nice
  4. Zanzibar

    Rate The Location!

    5/10 Don't get it.
  5. Zanzibar

    The Member Fact Game

    Joined one month later than me ;)
  6. Zanzibar

    Rate the Username

    Frikken amazing 10/10
  7. Zanzibar

    Rate the Avatar!

    Nice! 8/10
  8. Zanzibar

    Your Opinion on Dubstep?

    I personally love it. There are some really good mixes out there, and along with the good ones come the bad. The complexity of it is a thing I love about it too.
  9. Zanzibar

    New Laptop?!

    hello there! i am in the market for a new laptop! I really need a new one... well This is all that I'm looking for : 17.3 inch screen Touchscreen At least 8 GB of RAM At least 500 or GB of Hard Drive space Graphics card with 2 GB or more Built-in Blu ray drive Bluetooth And Windows 8...
  10. Zanzibar

    MMORPG for PS3

    Right... i made this thread in waaay to much of a rush. What I mean is if there is an existing MMORPG for ps3 tell ua about it or we can speculate if there is no such thing? lol
  11. Zanzibar

    MMORPG for PS3

    Titles says it all Right... XD Is there any MMORPG for the PS3 yet? If so tell us! If not, well... we can talk about future releases!
  12. Zanzibar

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Yes I do agree. But for anyone who is interested in creating a guild I will be making a group, from there we can decide on the guild name and discuss further details. Heres the link http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/groups/1726-final+fantasy+xiv+guild/ I also have news on the price, It will be...
  13. Zanzibar

    Final Fantasy XIV

    ok I know that this game is still some ways away, but I wanted to make this thread anyways. First off I would like to to ask what you think of it? I will post a video below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhaHhE8R8GY Just a CG demo I know, but whateves. Also for whomever else that's going to...
  14. Zanzibar

    Tech Help Wii U Youtube on Browser Not Working Right.

    Yes I discovered this as well when I went on. If you've been on YouTube lately you'll know that it sucks even more then it did before, just the layout though. And the answer is... YouTube no longer supports Wii U internet browser...>.< WHY YOUTUBE!!!!!??!?!?!?!? And also the app on the eShop...
  15. Zanzibar

    Anyone Have Windows 8 Yet? What Do You Think About It?

    I have it yes, and I like it yes. I was a mac user until it broke... :( Then I got a computer that ran XP and I upgraded it to Windows 8! I really like actually, The only annoying thing is it doesn't have a built in DVD player... but That's really all I have against it. I highly recommend it...
  16. Zanzibar


    Anyone play Pottermore? I just started and was wondering if anyone wanted to play! My username is: PhoenixEye22255 :)
  17. Zanzibar

    Computer Specs

    You need to upgrade? Dell Latitude C600 Intel Pentium III processor 193 MHz, 256 MB of RAM (Thats what I found) Logitech mini mouse Belkin wireless adapter (It's that old, yaa...) Windows XP And I believe It hit ten years earlier this year or last. To be honest I think I need to...
  18. Zanzibar

    Good Free DJ Mixing Software?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew any good DJ software, or a remix studio works to... I am currently using clubcreate which is great except I need to get three people to join, so if you want to do that great! Here http://clubcreate.com/zanzibar364/refer But I want something more of... on my...
  19. Zanzibar

    What Headphones Do You Use?

    I got new ones! There called "The Snug" I like em. comfy, stylish, and great sound! I think they have 40 millimeter drivers or something, and I understand thats not bad for $30 earphones.
  20. Zanzibar

    What Size is Your Computer's Hard Drive?

    It's really a 320 GB one but it says alot lower. Also thats what the tool bar of Win 8 looks like!
  21. Zanzibar

    What Operating System Do You Use?

    Well... Heres my story. First I used Mac OS, alot... But it was really annoying because it was a power pc, which is now outdated... :( My family went through like three of those. Then my dad got a windows xp machine from work! yay! :) except this story is not done yet, XP was kinda glitchy...
  22. Zanzibar

    What Headphones Do You Use?

    I used to use the cheapo earbuds that came with the 3DS starter kit, then they failed... I now don't have any earphones/buds :( If any one could recommend a good pair that would be great! Thanks in advance
  23. Zanzibar

    OoT-N64 Favorite OoT Side Quest

    I voted mask side quest, but I like the biggoron swoord one too...
  24. Zanzibar

    Harry Potter Fans: if You Had a Patronus, What Would It Be?

    I think a serpent... :P
  25. Zanzibar

    Which is the Best Transportation?

    That is also what I thought, and the TP Epona was cool!
  26. Zanzibar

    Who is Your Favourite Companion?

    Pretty much all said right ^ there
  27. Zanzibar

    Favorite Movie

    I think it would have to be... either The Hunger Games or Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows.
  28. Zanzibar

    Rate the Avatar!

  29. Zanzibar

    The Person Above Me, Me, the Person Below Me

    ^ Nooooo, I did though! < Has a reptile! V Doesn't have a reptile?
  30. Zanzibar

    Nintendo 3DS: One Year In

    1. I like it, but they could've put a bit more money into the sucky cameras... I mean whats the point of having a 3d camera if the quality sucks...? 2. Every week to see whats new. but they should have aLOT more free stuff. like an actual emailing app? a texting app? or even just more demos...
  31. Zanzibar

    What's Your Favorite Anime/Manga?

    Manga would be..... Anima+ I think. Anime would be FMA Brotherhood! :D
  32. Zanzibar


    Meh I mean Tangled was ok... But this is Pixar were talkin! If I get disappointed I won't be happy, but the trailers look great! soo the chances of that are like 1.15% chance. lol!
  33. Zanzibar

    Rate the Siggy!

    7/10 I like the quote
  34. Zanzibar

    Rate the Avatar!

    8/1o nice!
  35. Zanzibar

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Hell yes! :D
  36. Zanzibar

    What Kind of Pets Do You Have?

    Am I the only one here that has a reptile? Anyhoo I got a female baby leopard gecko October 3,2009. Her name is Spit Fyre, She is so AWESOME!!!! Thinking about getting a male somtime...
  37. Zanzibar

    Rate the Avatar!

  38. Zanzibar

    Rate the Siggy!

    8/10 Is that a pokemon? I think it is... ;P
  39. Zanzibar


    Thats why I made this thread. ;)
  40. Zanzibar


    Yup thats about what I thought! lol
  41. Zanzibar


    Hello! I was just wondering if anyone here has heard or is looking forward to Brave. In case you don't know It's the latest Pixar film. As for me I am so can't wait!!! :D
  42. Zanzibar

    Web Browsers

    I use Stainless
  43. Zanzibar

    Jello or Yogurt?

  44. Zanzibar

    Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones

    When he died I didn't care enough to restart the chapter. I have leveled up garcia quite a bit! he's not as good as general Amelia though! she's beast. ok now to the point of this post. This is my first FE game, I only got it cause it was free! but I really like it! can't wait til the 3d one!!
  45. Zanzibar

    How Old Are You?

    I also hate how everyone thinks were dumb kids waiting to get in trouble. it's so annoying!!! looks like 14-16's in the lead.
  46. Zanzibar

    The Hobbit Trailer

    SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!! :D can't wait!
  47. Zanzibar

    Poke'mon V.S. Magic Cards

    Magic all the way!!! pokemons just.... ya.
  48. Zanzibar

    Did Anyone Other Than Me Actually Like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?

    I like the campaign. what I really like about the game was the multiplayer Survival mode!!! it's so fun with a friend! :)
  49. Zanzibar

    Who else Agrees That Shooters Suck?

    I have quite alot of fun on CoD! Before I got into it I would have agreed, but now I like Zelda, Mario, CoD and that such. as for Halo I don't like it to much, I mean I'll play it, but I prefer CoD :P
  50. Zanzibar

    FPS on the 3DS!

    http://nintendo3dsblog.com/first-gameplay-footage-of-conduit-3ds Footage of the conduit 3ds!!! :D
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