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  • 17? You're only a couple months older than me.

    Sounds like a fun game!
    Yeah, I can't wait.

    :lol: I like proving my parents/teachers wrong too. It's fun, showing your elders up.
    Happy birthday, Zelway. You're lucky I didn't post an Iron Maiden link :3.
    Ahh that's right, your Birthday is a day after mine. :) Happy Birthday! :P

    Hey there Zelway.:wave: I don't know you on the forums but I noticed it was your birthday. So....

    Ah. Well, Happy Birthday! How old are you now?

    Thanks. What game?
    History and English. I'm going to be at the campus from 9 to 3. And I'm home-schooled, so this is going to be a very new experience.
    HaPpY bIrFeNdAy, Zelway!!! Hope it is a great one :)
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