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  • Welcome. :)

    Until what? Tomorrow is Thrusday. And the day after, I start my colledge courses. Is that it?
    You're welcome, Zelway/ :)

    lol Here, you can have some of my chocolate. *hands Zelway some chocolate* I seem to be sharing my chocolate a lot. I gave some to Ammy to help her get over a sweet craving and some to Ryli to help her unstress. Now some to Zelway to get over his craving. lol

    Take a deep breathe, Zelway. Hold it. Keep holding it. Okay, now let it out. Do that a couple times. Now don't look at the all the homework. Take a little bit at a time. What all do you have to do? When I feel I have too much stuff, I often set a timer for 15 minutes and work for those 15 minutes. Then when the timer goes off, I take a 5 minute break. It helps a lot to break the school into a bunch of little bits and do them. And don't look at what you still have to do, look at what you've finished. It gives you a greater sense of accomplishment.

    Ah, okay.

    Yeah, I prefer the World Wars and such. Wars are more interesting to read, even though they shouldn't be.

    Mmm...Hersheys...*is drooling*
    Yeah, I really want to go Skydiving. But convincing my parents it's worth the money...

    Not very long. I was typing out that I didn't know what I wanted when I glanced up and saw my feather. I have a pretty black feather that I keep on top of my stereo with a snail shell, fossil, and pretty egg shell. The feather reminded me how much I want to fly.

    What is Flash Player? Is that something you use to watch tv shows and such?
    And too bad you can't do it.

    lol That's funny.
    I have no idea who any of those guys are, I'm afriad, nor do I know the one you don't.

    I like that one. What would I do? Hmmm...I'm not sure. Fly, I guess. I really, really want to fly. And not in an airplane, I want to feel the wind blowing through my hair, rustling my clothes, maybe my feathers if I had the wings. But that's what I really want to do. How about you?
    I liked the song quite a bit, but I don't know what I thought of the preformance. It's just not my sort of thing.

    Yeah, I agree. When I'm bored, I often hum Saria's Song or Zelda's Lulluby to myself. Sometimes I do Epona's Song, but not often.
    Interesting. These didn't take anywhere near as long to load as usual. Must be because they're from you.

    lol Those are so funny!
    It takes forever to load if I go onto the YouTube site. But if I'm given the video on any other site, my netbook is just fine.
    Yeah, I know. I've just never won anything in a competition before. In fact, the only thing I've ever won was a drawing. Where they draw your name from the hat or whatever.

    I would love it, Zelway. Unfortunatly, my netbook doesn't like going straight to YouTube. If you know of a way around that, I'd appreciate it.
    I won! I won the Golden Rupee award for Best RPGer! I can't believe it!

    Yeah, I have two stories. No, I haven't really been working on them.
    Diggly-boo, Zelway.

    Those are nice songs. Not really the sort I'd listen to, but good all the same.

    lol You must be really good.
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