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  • I thought most power strips were kept on the floor, or is that just how my family does it?
    And naughty Zelway. lol
    No biggie. I do it a lot too. It only gets caught because of Spell Checker. How can that darned thing be so helpful and so annoying at once?

    Good. lol
    I don't care about sunburns. I never notice them until I look in a mirror. :P

    Ah. Sounds bliss.


    I hope you make it through! I'll be on gmail when you get home.
    Yeah, I spent most of the afternoon reading outside. I found out later than I got sunburned on my neck, and my arm got a little tanned.

    Nice. It must have been so great, falling asleep to the sound of rain.
    You and me both, brother! I have to put up with these triple digits! At least today it was in the 80s, with enough of a wind chill that it wasn't too hot.
    Link to the Past is the only one I have. Of course, my other games are Pokemon and Sims, so I can't really get 100% on them either. :P

    Rain would be great down here. It's still flippin' roasting!
    Yeah, I do that a lot. And then when I stop playing, it takes me a minute to readjust to real world. Same goes for if I'm lost in Imogene. lol
    Yeah, I'm probably never going to do a 100% run on any game. I'm going to grab the heart pieces I fee like and screw the rest.
    Know what's funny though? The one game I never, ever, had to look at a guide for, is the one game that I've beaten 100%. Link to the Past. lol

    That's a lot. I'm not sure if I've gotten that many before. Hmmm...


    Yes, the masks are mostly why I love that game. I haven't done a hundred percent because of the darned heart pieces.
    That's true.

    I know. Doesn't matter if you win or lose, as long as you did your best. Which I did. Even though I failed. lol
    Yeah, it sucks. The only time I've done it I was using a walkthrough. And I honestly find the Fairy's Sword useless.

    Oh, and Zelway? I can't get Majora's Mask. :( I tried every board I have except the squar, which would make the eyes funny if I did try it. Sorry.
    Good job! I had two look at a guide for two fairies, but that was it.

    It's not too hard, but you do have to flip the Stone Tower a couple more times than you would if you weren't after fairies.
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