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  • Hey, Elvenknight!
    If you want a Vampire Egg, I can get Drayym to bite it for you! :)

    Hmmm, Lord Vain is thinking......that he has found another easer of pain…..or rather, another person who tries to always make their allies stay positive. But Lord Vain may be wrong……as he is unable to be 100% accurate >::>
    thanks. well, basically my dad suddenly died. and i was there trying to save him and well obviously i failed. but yeah. thanks.
    hey, sorry, havent been on much. ive been very depressed lately and havent had teh want to do anything.
    Well, I kinda didn't know it untill now recently when I talked to my brother. To make a long story short, the full name is Nerion Saiarion, and Nerion really means Marius in elvish, and Marius is my brother's name. He doesn't quite remember what Saiarion means, but he think it means "the Wise" or something like that.

    One day (in the early days of World of Warcraft, I walked into his room and asked what he was doing. He said he was making a WoW character. Since he spoke elvish language, he decided to play as a night elf. He also decided to choose an elvish name. He wrote "Nerion" and then he stopped. "Tell me something about my personality," he asked me. "Well, you're very smart," I replyed. (Which is true since he've only gotten A, B and maybe B- on tests at school.) He found the word he was looking for, which became "Saiarion."

    Actually, I have another forum user. But I thought the name was kinda unoriginal, so I asked if I could start using his WoW username myself. He said yes, and I created a new one.
    Elven! Hey! Haven't talked to you for a long time. It's been a very stressful semester, so I haven't been very active. Even though you asked me a while ago, yeah, I can always get you dragon eggs if you need/want any. If I don't reply after too long, though, feel free to send me an e-mail (I can PM you with the address).
    not really people cant get to me very easily
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