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  • What I found hard was when you hit him often enough that the stupid little blobs fell off and goes zipping around the room. Those blobs kill me every time. Other than that, he's not too bad. I guess.

    Uh-oh. What happened this time?
    Yeah, Zora's Hall is pretty sweet. I prefer Deku's Palace, though. Fave song in the whole series, next to Saria's Song.
    I don't find it too hard, after doing it so many times. Wart is hard, though.

    Nice, the last 12 hours. So sweet.
    Yeah, and I'm aiming to be able to beat the Snowhead and get to, maybe beat, Great Bay. That temple is hard, though.
    Wow that sucks. Snowhead is pretty easy though. Did I tell you that I can beat all of the Swamp, and be capable of entering Snowhead in one time span, not slowed? That's how much I like it.

    No I don't. My brother bought it with his birthday money, and I played it off and on since. I think it was June, but I'm not sure the year.
    No I don't. I've only beaten it once, but I've deleted and redid my file(s) so many times just for the fun of it...
    I don't consider it early at all. My parents do. It's also a little early because I go to sleep about 12, usually.
    Well, depends on how obsorbed I get in my netbook. I turn it on almost when I wake up. Lately, since most people are at school, I've been posting where I need/want to, then shut this down and get out of bed. That's usually 9:30. If someone is on, then I get out of bed when I feel like it, usually after 10.

    Hmmm...I don't find the Deku Butler part very hard at all. I don't think there's a part in that whole game I don't like. No, wait, strike that. There is one. On the moon, playing with the children, I HATE the Goht challenge. It took me Forever to do it.

    Fridays. They start at 9:10 and end at about 3. So I don't get on my netbook at all until about 3:30, depending.
    Diggly-boo, Zelway. Internet cut out yesterday and I only just got a chance to get on.

    That's good. I had my usual early bird morning. I always seem to be awake by 8 no matter when I go to sleep. When I get up is a completely different story.
    I'd be happy if we stopped hitting triple-digits. We've been setting records for most triple-digit days in a row. I think we're at 70 days now. When it hits 70 degrees, I'll be happy. Then we can open the house up. What i'd like even more is some flippin' rain. I've even asked my friends in Virgina and Washington to send me thiers. It's too hot and dry!

    It sounds like you are very content with what you have, what you can do, and where you are in life. Which is a good thing.
    Oh. I don't usually count down until it's a month away. Because that's when the cards start coming in and I count how much money I have. I have a lot of stuff I want to buy this year. And I'm not sure if I'll have enough for them.

    Yup. Your the guy on the right, with the shy-ish smile.
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