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  • OKAY! That makes *a lot* more sense to me now! I'll skip MMD until I can get proficient at easier tasks with PS (I doubt the two are interrelated but even so, I'm not one to take on multiple things at once...I'm just not great at it ^.^; ).

    And the multiple months thing is because I was teaching myself how to use the program (with a LOT of help from a PS proficient user here on ZD, specifically Vanessa28)...I am NOT a great self-tutor because of two qualities that are simply a part of my genetic code: impatience and laziness. I was trying to get used to the buttons (had to hover over them to see what they did; I don't trust myself with manually testing things out) and I just grew SO impatient that I deleted my PS trial. Another time (completely separate from this), I was looking up tutorials but I gave up because too LAZY. Deleted the trial then. Now I don't have PS (and it'd take me a few months to get the cash)...so I don't know what I'll do now. But someday I WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!! [noparse]D:[/noparse]

    Thanks anyway Saria! I'm gonna save your images if you don't mind (the tutorial ones)...I need that reference point :)
    Took me nine minutes to read that o.o (I'm a slow reader D:)

    Well, I don't think I could perform very well with MMD or any 3D-based editing; I've tried Photoshop CS6, CS2, GIMP, and a few other simple 2D editors and I simply do not have the talent [or dedication] to do such things.

    Well, I was fairly proficient at doing beginner tasks in GIMP...but that was about a year ago. Anyway...you said to do the frame extraction stuff, y'have to use VDUB? I *hate* VDUB. I use it for recording a few clips from my physical, real-world GameCube and it LAGS, FREEZES, and has so many other problems with it that...just urgh.

    I suppose I'll have to do extensive training (months on end) with Photoshop to first get the hang of it and then become proficient enough in simple beginner tasks (beginner for PS is much harder than GIMP in my experience) so that, one day, I will be able to begin work on simple animation.

    Thanks for the information, though! I'm going to be sure to save it somewhere, in case you don't mind, so I have some sort of background information (how ever cursory it may be) to the start of a HUGE project. :)
    BOTH PLEASE! Both components are absolutely gorgeous!

    I'm going to make a quick guess and assume you did that in some sorta MMD program!
    I forget what the story order for that game is, but I myself am currently playing with Aqua first, then I'll do Ven and Terra afterwards :)
    Oh no, I removed my avy to make my posts shorter; I have like three banners, some awards, a siggy and a few other things which makes posts that aren't sizably long take up more space than they should!
    I've been alright. Finally on break from school. I'm glad. It's a respite I desperately needed.

    Nice to hear your on vacation. It's always great relaxation for the nerves. Hope you don't mind me asking but where are you vacationing at?
    Hey, Saria. It's good to see you again.

    I was unsure if you truly returned but seeming you post yesterday reassures me.

    How have you been?
    Ah, you're right there, if you ever may wanna talk about what's troubling you feel free to PM me or something though :)

    I hope you have a nice Christmas and stuff as well, Sarianae-chan ^^
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