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  • it is really hard 2 beleive that ive known you for so long on ZD and we arent friends yet? wanna be?
    congratulations with your arbiter color petman *hintuseitwellhint*
    If you have questions you can pm me or other arbiters/moderators/rest
    thanks for the american school system document :). i haven't read it yet, because i have to study for an important exam, but I hope things will get more clear when I finished reading it ;)

    You'll get a dutch school system document in return sooner or later (if you want it of course)
    Oh, thanks. ^^ But I don't think I'll be able to pass Skull Kid unless he suddenly went inactive. But I do hope to be one of the top posters sometime soonish. Anyway, THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!
    ehhhh.... did i mention im kinda grounded.

    im not kidding, lately the only times i can get online are thoes few times when i get on at school. but anyway, i'll probably be ungrounded sometime by february...

    and why are you playing lonely?!?!?
    Thanks. I never new YOU had the Triforce! Can you break of a piece for me? lol no offense or anything. :lol:
    ok win I have the one I'm working on done ill send you a copy of it. <("_")>
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