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    well see but i like that name if you change your name youll lose all of your friends points rep etc or will nothing happen when you change it
    eh i dont mind it what are u thinkin about changin your nameto
    Oh, yeah? Perchance would you have a link to the piece on dA? I'd like to favorite it. :lol:

    Ahh... Stuff like that does tend to happen. I'm not sure what causes animations to not display properly, to be honest. :?
    yah ima bout to start one here in a few days, but you're welcome to join me and my friends in Antarctica until its over =P
    Good job on the second rep heart. I didn't actually believe I would boost it up one level ;) Anyway... are you the Bluelink Josie that talks about?
    lol facebook is nothing like that for me lol i just talk to my friends (that i know in real life) and very few internet friends (from ZD) but i made a group chat for ZD members only and im trying to add all the ZD members to it =P
    yes i love it, i live with my best friend who's a senior in HS, her 14 year old sister and mom. Although, my friend is kinda hard to live with... *whisperes* she has anger issues 0.o
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