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  • Its from a pretty cool 3d pic I found of Ganon as he was in ALttP. I always liked Ganon, so thats why I put it there, lol. I like to change things up every now and then.
    I use the original Terragen, and you don't need professional to make terrains green.

    Just go to Landscape - Surface Map. Double click on Surface Map, and there should come a new window with information about the terrain (roughness, etc.).
    Then click on the button that says Colour, and a RGB panel should appear, which will allow you to adjust the terrain's colour.
    Also, you can add various colours to the terrain by using the 'add child/sibling' feature.
    Thanks, Man of 1,325 Pets. (who could ever have that many pets?) Anyways, I did have a quite awesome b-day. Thanks again!
    And thank you once again, Mr. Hat!

    Now if anything goes wrong, I'll have to come after you!
    Hey Petman - I like your posts here, keep up the good work :). And by the way, invite me to that Facebook group.
    man am I glad mikael is gone he is so annoying and Petman llok at the post he just sent here a second ago no wonder how Mases figured out he was Omena but just a duplicate new user
    Why thank you, Mr Ha- Petman =D. Now I'm cyan, orange, and dark blue!
    But... *sigh* Josh just HAS to beat me to it.
    Hey, you have Mario Kart DS? We should play wifi sometime.

    Of course, there is the issue of me only getting it at the library. *Sigh*
    Request for you!

    Do me a siggie with the opening title screen of AoL say: kicking *** since[insert release date]
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