Skyward Strike

The Skyward Strike is a special move that Link can perform with his sword only in the game Skyward Sword. To activate the Skyward Strike, Link must raise his sword towards the heavens, causing it to fill with the power of the Goddess. After Link's sword is fully charged, if he waves his sword in any attack, a powerful beam of Skyward will shootout at whatever is in front of him. The Skyward Strike is mandatory to defeat Tentalus, the octopus-like boss of the Sandship. If Link tries to use a Skyward Strike in any of his battles with Ghirahim, Ghirahim will distort time and dodge it, proving it useless against him. A Skyward Strike can also not be performed in the final battle with Demise, but instead Link can charge up his sword with the electricity from the storm Demise had created in his own realm.

Skyward Strike


Learned from

Obtain the Goddess Sword

How to Perform

Hold the sword skyward to charge, then swing to release


Shoot a directed beam to slice targets at a distance