Sidon's Power of Water

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Sidon's Power of Water
TotK Sidon Power of Water.jpg




How to Perform

Call Sidon or his avatar with A when in proximity

Used by

Sidon's avatar


Summons a sphere of water around Link


"When Sidon's aura is charged, he can create a bubble of water that blocks an incoming enemy attack. If you swing your weapon, this water will be channeled into a long-range strike."

— In-Game Description

Sidon's Power of Water is an ability of Sidon from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

While being attacked by the Sludge Like in Mipha Court, Sidon will give Link his Power of Water. This allows Link to create a short bubble of protection, either from an enemy attack, or from nearby Sludge. The water can also be used to create a long rang attack when a weapon is used.