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What is your color?


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Black Because I like to honor one of my favorite Country Western singers Johnny Cash! But I don't know what it means. >.< Oh wait... Thanks Lenora Dragon. So I am
Dignified and impressive without being showy, Black people want to give the appearance of mystery, but their preference may also indicate a suppression of desires and worldly aims, suggesting hidden depths and inner longings......
Sounds Kinda Like me


I like White... But I don't know what white means soo! yeah


Red is my favorite color. I like the combination of crimson and gold.

The funny part is that I usually wear white, tend to choose blue for objects, and most of my t-shirts are grey.


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Oct 4, 2009
Well my two favourite colours are Blue and Green but everyone says that green suits me the best whenever I wear a green shirt... Maybe because it matches my eyes of a rainforest with golden rivers (yes, I have a special name for the colour of my eyes! :lol:).
Oct 4, 2009
United States
My favorite color is blue. Though I tend to wear more black and white. I will occasionally wear a dark blue shirt or something. My favorite polo is a light blue color. I have the blue DSi. I think Red would be my 2nd favorite color...


Feb 2, 2009
Silver, if you count it as a color. Yes, I do like the way it looks. But silver means a bit more than that, though. When people think of silver a lot of the time they think of "2nd place". Then why do I like silver instead of gold? Gold is 1st place, and when you get 1st place, there is no place above it, so no higher rank to strive and work hard to get. However, in 2nd place, you have to go through the ups and downs and ordeals and triumphs of trying to get 1st place, and that's another one of the reasons I like silver.

I don't tend to be a "colorful" guy through the way I dress, I guess. I often am wearing white most of the time, with a black hoodie over it. Though I tend to be pretty cheery, energetic, or whatever. The actual "colors" that I like are red, purple, and orange.


I should be pink because pink is love best quote in the universe


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Sep 11, 2009
Black, dark blue, or grey.

I feel hopeless sometimes; that is the grey.
I feel pesemistic sometimes; that is the dark blue.
I feel horribly angry; that is the black.

All of these mix toghether to form my personality.


Mrs. Caleb
Aug 20, 2008
I just realized that I have never read or replied to this thread! My favorite color is blue. I love the sky. I love the ocean. Basically a blue right in the middle of the spectrum. Crayola's Cerulean Blue is my favorite. I also love teals.

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Jul 9, 2009
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Horay for Blue Squad!

I like Navy Blue, it just reminds me of peace and quiet when I'm reading or playing video games, I also like it because I choose that color for my online multiplayer squad on Halo.:nerd::nerd:

Blue Squad Rules!:Do.o

~Dungeon killer
Oct 17, 2009
Blue and Red. Oddest Color Combination ever, I know.
okay that's wierd you're only other person i know who likes red and blue.
i like red because when i was 4 i had red hair and all the adults always complimented on it so i figured red was the best color. blue because aroun the same time a when i chose red as my fav. color my freinds all liked blue so i wanted to be like them.


Love Truth
Oct 12, 2009
I personally like purple a lot, especially deep purple. I just see so much mystery, romance, and majesty in it, not sure why. Most of my friends hate me for it because I'm a guy, and these day's it's supposedly "in" for a guy to like pink, but it's gay for a guy to like purple, but I never fit into the social standards anyway so purple it stays.

None of that lame light purple stuff though. Only deep purple for me. :)

EDIT: purple it stays, not purple it says...
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Oct 28, 2008
West Virginia
I don't necessarily have a favorite color or favorites, but if I had to choose in a life-or-death situation, it'd either be blue or green... Blue the most seeing as how I have soo much blue in my closet that I can wear a full week... xD

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