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    Heh, just wanted to say, your avatar is very creepy (in a good way :)). All the lights are off and my screen was tilted in such a way that all I could see were Dark Link's glowing red eyes staring me down..... brrrrrrrrrrr.
    Hey sorry about stealig the avatat, I actually asked for a dark link or oni link right before the server went down, that is why I took it.

    Sorry for all that!
    hey it's 2:42 in the morning at pwamimdorf's house and i am posting this for the lolz any way i can't sleep. i think imma play zelda.
    ShellShocker and Lysia are Australian, too, and they generally would be on the hours that you probably would. There are also European members who are on within the time range you'd be online, as well.
    Welcome to ZD Alex_Da_Great! Have fun and read the rules!
    If you need anything, just ask me or any other member! See ya around!
    Welcome to the Zelda Dungeon! We hope you enjoy your stay be sure to post a thread about you in our Community Forum
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