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  • It's taken me 3 months in my first playthrough of Minish Cap, and my first time playing Vaati, I failed at the final form. :( He is pretty darn hard yo. But I like it this way! Makes it way more fun, me thinks.
    Hey ottobot! I didn't get the chance to get to know you before you left because I wasn't a member yet. How are things with you?
    Because of your avatar I read all of your posts in a pissed-off Bart Simpson voice. I just thought you should know that :xd:
    Yo. Ah, okay. Glad you like them. I definitely will. ;)

    I haven't been too active on the forums myself. Trying to fix that.
    nice to meat you do you like rare zeldas like the 2 LCD games or the 4 tingles games or the 3 BS ZELDA game and much much more thanks hope we can be friend
    Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm going to attempt some papercrafts this evening.
    What about you? Anything going on?
    Otto! I thought you had vanished from the forums for a while.
    I've been great. What about you?
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