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  • Those who break into the Royal Tomb will be obstructed by the lurkers in the dark
    Well, for the moment I'm mostly waiting for my bone to be completely repaired so I shouldn't do much...but I do a bit anyway. (+ it's a bit hard to parkour with heavy and very thick clothes and gloves in the snow. I live in Canada.)
    Thank you for your offer, I may ask you for tips a bit later. :-)
    Oh, you're doing parkour? I just heard about it recently! ...Though that sounds like what I'm doing for a little while now. :-)
    I don't do flips yet, but mostly different kinds of rolls, climb and swordfight. Everything improvised. I guess that's not exactly the same thing...
    Oh, don't worry about it. It's so fun you will hardly notice it.. I think

    OH important tip .. Play the song of time back wards and you will slow the time down VERY IMPORTANT. OK?

    And if you ever need help bad just give me a shout.
    Ok but I warn you, MM is the toughest 3d zelda, I mean the swamp palace is like as hard as jabu jabu's belly maybe harder, the snow peak ruins is as hard as Water Temple maybe a bit easier maybe a bit harder depending on how good you are at water temple. The great bay temple is the hardest zelda temples of all time according to me and all my friends, and the stone tower temple is up there with the great bay temple
    I used to. I don't have my wifi adapter anymore either. I'm defenitly buying Heart Gold though ha ha.
    Sorry it took me a while to reply, NoRush, I've been quite busy as of late. The site I linked to is "ZeLink", which is a fanlisting and shrine dedicated to the Link x Zelda pairing in the games. The specific page I linked to contains proof of Link actually speaking. And yes, I did create it. It's part of the Knights of Hyrule network.
    I actually beat OoT earlier today. The ending made me cry even though it wasn't all that sad.
    Now I'm playing Majora's Mask.
    It´s a reflection of my somewhat "original" sense of humor, hard to explain but that´s kind of (part of) what it is :)

    Enjoy and have fun!
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